Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Feeling odd lately...May be TMI!! (you ahve been warned!!!)

I have been feeling a little off lately. Don't know what it is yet. I had gone in for a pregnancy test to rule that out totally before I start looking into other things. The dr. agreed it would be good considering the circumstances...

Here goes, I have been having extremely irregular cycles, even before I got pregnant with Pooky. That year, I had 4 in total. Not good...but I didn't bother seeing the dr, cause it would just go away, right? Here I am, getting back to normal, or hopefully, and today made me 50 days between cycles. Hence the pregnancy test. It was negative, and I am ok with that one, believe it or not... I really want to get to the bottom of this problem.

So that is the first part of the problem. I haven't acknowledged a lot of these other symptoms, I don't want to speak them...but they need to be dealt with too. I can't just continue ignoring it... So, here goes, I have been having extreme lower back pain. It will make me fall over sometimes, I can't get out of the bed in the morning. I believe one reasone why is that I am very overweight and very heavy on top (gotta love pregnancy and not losing anything when you are done nursing!!) I will be talking to the Dr. about a reduction. What is involved and is it what I need done or not. I have also been having leg cramps. Not fun at all!!

Then I have been feeling sad. Not depressed, but a weird flush of emotions has swept over me. I feel like I am becoming paranoid (about silly things), anxious and extremely emotional. I have not been this emotional in a long time, not sure why.

My vision feels like it is getting worse, but a visit to the eye dr, a few months ago said otherwise. I get dizzy and lightheaded...I am soooo tired somedays, even when I am not up all night. I really do sleep well. My kids haven't been getting up until after 9, so even going to bed at midnight, I am still getting a good amount of sleep.

I have no appetite most days and I don't really eat a lot. When I do eat it is usually 1 meal a day (I know, this is so bad to do to my body). I just don't feel like I can stuff food in when I am not hungry. I have been having minor headaches. I also lose feeling in my hands quite a bit. Then somedays I feel like I am living in slow motion. I know things are happening and I am right there in the middle of it but I feel like I am just watching. Hard to explain this one. Kind of like an out of body thing...not sure how else to explain.

Oh well, I am going to make a full physical appt. with my dr for sometime next week and I am going to get all this looked at. I don't like feeling like this and it needs to be dealt with soon...

Sorry for a downer post tonight, I will try to post more exciting news tomorrow!!


  1. Get them to check your thyroid too, it could be underactive. Some of the symptoms sound like it, but then so do lots of things. But it could be something to explore and only requires a blood test.
    (had my regular one done this morning)
    Hope they can sort it out quickly for you.

  2. Go for the full physical and push for all the tests they can do. Sheryl had to push and push and push.... for some reason that's what you get with "free" medical. Document all your symptoms with dates and times, keep a journal of what you're eating and what you feel afterwards. Track your body! And of course take it to God, pray in the spirit since you don't have full knowledge, pray that the dr gets to the root of it all and for full recovery. A good cleanse of your body and your house wouldn't be a bad thing either... and ask for help when you need it. :-)

  3. Oops,it's Susan here. I'm from the UK and our medical stuff is mostly free here. I forget it's different in other parts of the world. Hope they get to the bottom of it soon for you.

  4. Goodness what a time you are having with it all. Hugs & prayers that the Drs figure out whats going on & you get to feeling "normal" soon.

  5. Sorry you're feeling so off. Hope you get to the bottom of it all soon.

    Will be praying for ya.

  6. I agree with shash. Be a brave prayer warrior too. If you need someone to come with you. Call your sisters. Tell the doctors everything. I remember you've had these symptoms before.
    The Mom sets the tone for the home. Healthy mom, healthy home, happy home.
    You're always in my prayers.

  7. I had a bunch of problems, including serious emotional & I was paranoid- it was a B12 issue. easily fixed, but really scary. I thought I was seriously losing it. good luck, get all the tests...

  8. oh man, it is hard to be taking care of 4 kids with all that going on physically.

    I will definelty pray for you and I agree with the others......push for tests..keep a good record of what is happening and pray in the spirit.

    One thing about having a "name" of what is wrong is the knowledge that the NAME of JESUS is more powerful and the work has been done on the cross and we stand on that and agree with you for healing and wholeness!

    it also could be a reminder that we need to be taking care of the Temple that He gave us and be healthier, eating more regularly...I am one to talk cuz that is my prob too and then when I do eat it is all the wrong things!!!
    hope that wasn't a pushy comment....just what I was feeling but hey we can all be wrong at times! I really care about you and think you are such a terrific person and I am SO glad that shash has you for a friend!