Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Why I won't be back til Monday!!

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Thirteen Reasons Why I Won't Be Back Until Monday

1. I am out all morning today. Getting ready for our church's first baseball game of the year.

2. I am helping to get some things done for the Princess Tea Party at the church on Saturday. Still have to finish a few names (I'll explain later) and work on the poem I am giving to everyone then.

3. I will be working tomorrow night after Princess' soccer game. Who knows when I will be home!!

4. I am also going to the Dr. tomorrow morning for a checkup of sorts.

5. On Friday the kids have swimming lessons. It takes a while to get ready for that!! (where is my bathing suit, do we have any towels...)

6. Heading straight to baseball after that (hoping hubby is home in time to help with the load) and get the BBQ started early.

7. Take Mr. Hockey to his Friday night ball game at 8pm.

8. Saturday at 12:00 is Mr. Hockey's next hockey game. (I need to check the snack list and see what day we are on)

9. Then we have to run home, he has to shower and change into something nice (I am hoping he can help serve that day) and we need to pick up our neighbour to come with us.

10. We have church on Sunday morning.

11. We are going to my parents for a BBQ afterwards to celebrate my dad's b-day and father's day altogether.

12. I need to clean my house.

13. Dare I say this here...I spend way too much time in cyberland and am missing out on some fun stuff going on here. It has been nice weather for walks and playing outside with the kids, so it might be nice to get some fresh air sometime now too. So I am banning myself from blogging this weekend. I am sure that I may have some withdrawal and some urges but I WILL OVERCOME!!

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  1. You have quite a busy schedule!! Remember to take some time for yourself somewhere in there!!

    Happy Thursday, my TT is up!

  2. Wow! You are busy! I am busy right now believe it or not; doing laundry - waiting for it to finish! So, browsing the Thursday 13 Early Birds!

    And as you probably guessed, mine is up!

  3. Come by and pick up any or all of my T 13 banners-headers!!

  4. Let me know if you survive without going on the computer.... maybe we should start a 12 step program!!

  5. Hey Ruth, it's Monday and still no new post?!! Have you been busy or something??? hehahehehe