Monday, June 12, 2006


Ok, so it is still Monday, technically, and I finally have a moment to get back on the blog. I did, hoewever, enjoy my time with the real world this weekend. Though I could not totally stay away and I did visit some blogs.

Let's start with Thursday, not much happened that night. I was helping with the princess tea party at our church and so I spent much of the night working on the meanings of the names of the ladies, big and little, that were coming to the church. I found the meanings and then added a scripture with it. I really enjoyed doing that. It was interesting to see what all our names mean.

I had also gone to the Dr's about something and had to wait until today for the test results. Some weird things are going on right now that I am trying to get to to the bottom of... more on that later.

I also did a lot of shopping to get ready for our church baseball game on on...

On Friday, yes you know I am going to go through this day by day...

On Friday we had to get ready for our first church baseball game. So that involved the kids rummaging through that place we call a garge, but should really be called a war zone!! They got all the stuff out and on the porch, then we prayed and prayed and prayed that hubby would be home in time. The kids had swimming at 430, then it was baseball at 530 and Mr. Hockey had a ball hockey game at 800... Fun stuff, huh?!! Hubby was home just on time to head out that night. So off we went. I came home and had just a few more names to help finish for the party the next day.

Saturday morning, woke up and was so excited that hubby didn't have to work, cause again it was another running day!! We had to run to the $ store to get some accesories for the days festivities, then home to start dolling up!! The girls just had a blast. Hubby was able to take Mr. Hockey to his game at 1200 and my mom drove us to the ball. She kept Pooky with her, since she wasn't feeling too well and I really wanted to be able to help and enjoy the day without her (is that bad??). So I got there and told people to show me where I can help and that is what I did.

The day was awesome, the girls were beautiful, the speaker...Shash, was amazing. What an awesome heart she has. She really brought the whole thing together and had an amazing way to bring it all back to God in the end. I think a few of us were near or in tears then!! A few of the guys in the church helped with serving and waiting the tables. It was great to some of the younger ones pitching in and serving. the church looked absolutely amazing, right up there with wedding banquet halls!!

We had invited a friend from our street and she really had a nice time too. It was nice to have someone come out. The kids had a great treasure hunt and they didn't seem to fight over the prizes being divied out.

We got home, after helping to clean up and started to clean up our house, hubby had invited his friends over for the hockey game. So, our house was spotless and they never showed up, so we invited our other friends over instead. We had a nice visit, but afterwards I realized that we really do need a bigger house, but right now I can't see how it is possible...I am sad...

Oh well, back to the weekend. Then on Sunday we had church, on our way we stopped at a garage sale and bought 2 decent camping backpacks for $6.00. I thought it was a pretty good deal. We haven't got any right now and I would love for our guys to go camping together sometime this year.

After church I went to my moms and got some more work done. Then we had a BBQ birthday party for a bunch of people in our family! It was a nice time. Then Cutie Pie went to her friends for a sleepover and we came home.

That brings us to today. I had a nice relaxing day and even stayed off the computer for most of it. I shaved Mr. Hockeys head and watched the kids as they played outside. I called the Dr. for the test results and had some mixed feelings about it. Gotta go back to check it out some more.

This weekend I was also offered a full time job til the middle of July. It is with the census people still. I could work either 7-3 or 3-11. So we talked about it and tried to see how it could work for us, but it really doesn't, so I passed it back to my mom. Which meant that I ended up with her daycare child and my sisters kids too. So I am working 5 days this week, 13 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I still need to get to my moms to finish off that work!!

Phew, there it is in a kind of nutshell, I guess... My big pre-no-internet-weekend!!

How was your weekend?


  1. Thanks so much for your help, prep'n the food, the name tags, the poem and the clean up. Your son did an awesome job serving, he is becoming quite the man!! Good Job Mom!!! (and dad)