Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Am Sam

Ok, we rented a bunch of movies this week and I have enjoyed watching them with hubby.

Tonight we watched I Am Sam. Oh my goodness...I cried. What an awesome story and how 'bout that music, I loved it.

Hubby fell asleep towards the end, but oh well, not his type of movie. We watched Kicking and Screaming the other night. Princess played soccer this year and someone told me that her coach reminded them of Will Ferrell (sp), so we thought we would watch was pretty close!!

Tomorrow, or Friday we are watching 4 Brothers. I have heard this was a good movie and I did want to see it when it first came out. But...4 kids + no money = no movies...

And today I got a really good bargain...I think.

Cheryl and I were just hanging around downtown today, killing time til the end of the girls program, and one of our local stores was having a sidewalk clearance sale. They had those beach towels that turn into a bag out there. Shash's kids have them, I think. I thought they were pretty neat. They were marked down from 19.99 to 7.99 and 10.99. So I grabbed up the last 4 there. Now I won't have to go hunting for bath towels anymore (hopefully). The kids were all excited to get something new. They always are!!

Gonna hit the sack now, tomorrow comes early!


  1. Those towels are great, I picked mine up at Old Navy last year at the end of the summer season for $9.99, I should have bought one for Liam too.

    I watched that movie, Sam, on a plane ride to BC, the first one without any kids. I bawled getting on the plane without them, then through the entire movie. I was a mess!!

  2. I agree, I'am Sam is a good movie, I cried too.