Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Community Kitchen

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Thirteen Reasons I want to do a community kitchen

1. So I don't have to think about dinner everyday

2. So my house doesn't get hot cooking every night (just reheat)

3. To get out of my house and visit with other adults (no kids of mine!)

4. To learn how to cook new things

5. To try out a variety of different foods

6. To get out of my house and visit with other adults (oops, did I already say that?)

7. To cut down on food costs for my family

8. So we can have healthier meals

9. To get out of my house and visit with other adults (again, I keep forgetting that I have said this already!)

10. My hubby is happy when there is supper ready for him when he gets home!

11. It is easier to cook in bulk, but nice to have different meals

12. By not having to cook everyday, I will have more time for my family

13. (and blogging!)

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  1. A community kitchen is a great idea, but not if you get stuck with me in your community-----corn dogs anyone??

    My TT is up!

  2. What a great idea, I could have used something like that too!
    We did something similar at church yesterday, about 12 women made triple recipes of about 6-8 different things but it is for a ministry at church. Still a good idea to do.

  3. Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea!!

    Great TT!

  4. That's a neat idea, how do you find out about those in your area?

  5. Yep that's a great idea. Looks like you sold us all on it!

  6. Great list....teachers feel the same way. By the end of the day, we want adult conversations!

  7. I forgot I stopped by already today but I also forgot to comment last time around.... you think you're starting to loose it!!! ;-)

    I'll get in on one of these nights....

  8. Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of a community kitchen, but it sounds like a great idea! Love your blog!

  9. I LOVE that too! sounds great!

  10. sounds good to me!have a happy weekend!

  11. Great list.
    Get out of the house! hahaha
    Sorry I am late visiting, The TT list has grown..It is going to take two days to visit all..
    My TT is up