Friday, July 21, 2006

Last night was so much fun!

So, remember my TT yesterday? Well, last night Cheryl and I got together and cooked up a storm. It really is so much more fun and less of a task to cook with someone else.

So, last night we all ended up with:

1 cheeseburger casserole
1 lasagna
1 sausage casserole
1 pasta and sauce
12 banana muffins
1 ball of oatmeal cookie dough

Pretty good for around 4 hours of cooking and less then $20 on both of our parts (less then $40 altogether)

Can't wait to do this again. Anyone else interested who lives in our area?????

Gotta run and check out a new tent now, we have a new store here that has an 8 person tent for $100. Gotta see if it is worth it!


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