Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So, how do you like my new template? I made it MYSELF!!! It was so exciting to realize that I have figured out how to make backgrounds and banners and such. I haven't figured out how to put my banner on my blog yet, but that will come soon!!

Onto my frustration...Today hubby brought home some plastic mattress bags and we put them onto the girls beds, after we sprayed them. Yes, we are having some bed wetting issues in our house, oh well, right?

So we sprayed the mattresses, put on the plastic bags and nice, new, crisp bedsheets, and put the girls to bed.

Sounds like a nice night?

Well...Cutie Pie, you know, the one in the pic below here? She is 4 and sure does act like a 4 year old (haha). She is coming down the stairs, saying things like..."I am coughing, I need a drink, I am not tired..." this usually goes on a little bit, on certain days.

We usually just tell her to go back to bed. Tonight, I went up to use the bathroom and Cutie Pie walks in to tell me something (oh the life of a mom, no peace anytime!!)and what do I notice she has done?


Keep reading...

She has pee'd herself. I asked her if she pee'd her pants and she says, matter of factly, "yes I did".

So I asked her if she was in the bed when she pee'd. "Yes I was".

Why do they do these things?? We just, I mean just, no more then 10 minutes ago, put new sheets and sprayed and the rooms were smelling nice and all!!



  1. That's a fun one you have there!! Li did it a few times in the last couple of weeks but that's 'cause he didn't want to come in from playing outside. He has woken up wet, I still have to get him out of bed before I go to sleep if he's had too much to drink before bed. GAP likes to test you eh?! Tell her that Em wants her to sleep over but can't until she stops... you know the drill (Bribe).

  2. I forgot to tell you last post, I like what you've done to the place.

  3. I have the same trouble! Thanks for stopping by!

    Mary, mom to many

  4. Heh, this is so nice!! I like your new look. I just got a new look too...but I didn't do it. Way too useless for that! I also like your Thursday 13 - clever. I've joked about starting a blogging 12 step...feels like I've replaced one vice for another. Enjoy your evening.