Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen...I want to learn...

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Thirteen things I would like to learn how to do on my blog

1. How to put my own banner on the front page of my blog without having the blogger banner popping out underneath.

2. How to make categories for my posts to be filed in. Like "family" "church" "religion" "funny stuff"...

3. How to make my blogrolls open up from just a + sign (You know, when you click the + sign, a box drops down...).

4. How do I create my own blogroll from BlogRolling. I registered and signed up for the service but can't for the life of me figure out how add this to my blog!!

5. How to make my own blinkies for the sidebar.

6. How to sign people up to get notified of a new posting on my blog.

7. How do I put a playlist of the songs I am currently listening to? Not just the song titles, I have seen somewhere that someone actually had a media player I think, on their blog.

8. Where can I find a calendar to go on the sidebar, that highlights thae days I have posted on?

9. What is a good shoutbox that does not add pop ups to your blog site. I have previously had one and it screwed up my site. Help me...

10. How do I make my comment section look different then the blogger one?

11. How to use animated pictures the right way. My Canada were supposed to be waving...

12. I would like to find a good stat counter for finding out how people search and click on my blog. Google, yahoo... something that you know is good.

13. How to find a 12 step blog addiction program...HAHAHA-NOT!!!

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  1. i don't know many of those, but for #6, you could recommend that your readers sign up with bloglines. that's who i keep track of the blogs i read so i don't have to keep checking to see if they've posted or not.

    i may know one or two others but chances are they won't hit me until the middle of the night (oh wait it already is) or in the shower or while driving to work, etc.

    i've posted 13 too at

  2. I have not learned anything yet. I've just tried playing around with my template in putting things on my sidebar and it works well.
    Mine is up too.

  3. I too was flirting with the idea of a blogroll since I'm usually talking about beauty topics, and maybe there are others out there who have similar interests. Please post if you ever get it figured out!


  4. I don't know many of those either. I don't even know how you get that auto linkie thingie where I signed in at the end of your post. I have seen quite a few of those. I know how to crash a
    My TT is up

  5. If you EVER figure out the expanding blogroll thing... PLEASE contact me!!!

  6. It's all new and different to me too! It helps that I have a sister that will tell me what to do though! Happy Thursday. My list is up.

  7. i wish I could help. I can't do a lot of this myself.

  8. #4 - When you log into blogrolling. there should be a navigation on the left which has a New Blogroll link. Once you create the blogroll, it will be display andyou can add links etc. there will also be a link - get code. this will give you code for putting in your sidebar. This will display the blogroll.

    I use WP and a lot of these are available as plugins... I assume Blogger also offers something similar

  9. Hope those work out for you! I use sitemeter to track visits, but I'm not sure how that works with blogger, I have my own domain for my blog ;).

  10. You got Mr. Linky right! :-) Thanks for visiting FBO and my T13 - Bible Misquotes Edition.

  11. I need some lessons from you for sure. I have learned a lot, but still need to know so much more! My list is up!

  12. Lofty goals! Some are do-able, some are not. Good luck!

  13. I struggle with the same problems. Fortunately I have very brilliant children that help me out. My TT is up.

  14. Just put in to rent your blog. My thumbnail is a mess at present. Apparently blog explosion is having some problems with this. Check my blog out anyway. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  15. I'd like to learn how to do a lot of these, as well. Unfortunately, I don't use Blogger and I don't know how to do most of these already, so I don't think I'd be of much help to you. Useless is probably a better word! :)

    Great list, mine is up too...

  16. I don't think Categories are supported by Blogspot, except through

    Find tips here

    I've found lots of the things you are looking for by just putting in a search in Google.

  17. Let's see if I can help as I redid my blog last week & learned a few new tricks.

    For the expandable blogrolls go here:
    plug in the blogroll code & it does the work for you. Just be sure you click the "Inital State" to be invisible. ;-)

    I use as my subscription site.

    Your blog header looked fine to me.

    Blinkies; here is a lady who found a tutorial on how to do them; I haven't tried it yet so do let me know how it works out.

    I hear a lot of people complain about music being automatically played on blogs they visit so I haven't decided if I want to try it or not. So I haven't taken the time to figure that one out yet. But when in doubt Google it. I did a Google on how to do the "snow effect" & after tinkering with it for a few hours; I replaced the snow gif to roses & got the effect I was looking for.

    A friend helped me install so that's the one I use. It'll at least get you going until you find one you really like.

    I hope that helped you out some. If you need help let me know; I'll see what I can do for you.

    Thanks for dropping by my TT. Have a good one. :-)

  18. I finally got my TT done. Family was over all day... couldn't blog! I think I need that 12 step program!!

  19. It is amazing that there is so much to learn out there, isn't there? I agree about learning many of these...but I've also learned that I can have my 11 yo. son do them for me too much quicker!! Now, that's just sad, isn't it?? Enjoyed your list.

    My TT is up here

  20. Hey I can help out with the expanding bit, see my blog and see under the thumbnail for the renter of the week, I also use bloglines for a twofold thing - my blogroll and to read them. For signing people up, head over to they are awesome and give you the choice of rss feeds or email subscriptions.....try haloscan for comments, and is good for stats!!

  21. You've got a huge list of things to learn... All the best. Happy learning.
    Thanks for your kind wishes & for visiting my site. I am much better today and taking things 1 day at a time...Please keep me in your prayers

  22. Get the 12 step!
    Or just stop. I'm starting to miss the sound of your voice. Or I can tell when your on the phone with me that you are typying to someone.

  23. ahh, a post that asks all the questions that I've been wanting to ask! LOL, I work on my blog every night it seems like, and so far, I've googled A LOT!