Friday, August 04, 2006


Finally, we get to go camping this year. We are the type of family who could spend entire summers camping, in a tent, and just enjoying nature!!

We haven't been able to do a whole bunch of camping since hubby lost his job a couple years ago. It is hard to get a new job and then ask for a week off!! So, we have done just s little bit.

This weekend is our church camping trip up to MBC in Huntsville. It is so beautiful up there and definately worth the drive.

So, we have been camping for about 9 years together now, as a family, and we have never had an air mattress, or used electricity while there. This is a whole new year for us!

We have a new tent and, listen air mattress!! I am part of a group here called freecycle. When you have something that you don't need, instead of throwing it out, you see if anyone is in need of it. It helps out others, and keeps things out of the landfill!

Someone had posted an air mattress and I responded, thinking I probably wouldn't get it and the lady responded back. So, hubby went off to pick it up and the pump didn't work, we ran to Canadian Tire and picked up one that was on sale for $15. Blew up the mattress, not sure what the condition would be, and found out that it is awesome!! This is the one that it is (Mattress). It is in excellent condition, and we even slept in the living room on it the other night when it was so hot upstairs!!

Definately look into a freecycle in your area, they are an awesome thing to be a part of.

I won't be back here until Monday, at least, and I think I will have a pretty good Monday Memory to post. I just remembered one tonight that I will do. Gonna run now and finish some last minute packing.

One last thing, hubby isn't working, again. He had an interview on Wednesday and is supposed to hear from them by tomorrow. He wouldn't mind the job and it is M-F and pretty good hours. So we are praying for this, or another similar opportunity to come up for him.
Thanks, and have a great weekend all!!


  1. We will be praying too!
    Can't wait to see you up there.

  2. We're up here already. It was cool last night... I had to visit the grocery store and pick up the kids sweatshirts... good sales though!! It's beautiful now!!

    p.s. it took us 1 1/2 to get from Cambridge to Guelph!!! Traffic!!!

  3. Needless to say I won't be joining you.
    1. I've not been in a tent for 25 years
    2. It's a bit too far to come from the UK

    But I will be praying for hubbys job. And seeing as one of my sons might be flying the nest soon I can see our local branch of Freecycle might get a request or two.
    We have them in the Uk too.

    have a great time.

  4. I'll pray that your hubby gets that job! Enjoy the camping.
    And thanks for your encouragement!

  5. Freecycle is very cool. My daughter and son in law have been very active on freecycle. With five kids and lots of pets, there is always stuff you need, and stuff to share with others.
    Our church's "family camp" is the 18th...we can't wait! It is always a great time, and may be our only camping trip this year.