Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Google Searches

I haven't been able to download any new pics to my computer, so I have to take a break from Wordless Wednesday for a while...

I added a ShinyStat box to my blog because I wanted to see how people come to visit me. I just checked out my report for July and I was found by some funny, interesting and odd search phrases!! I thought I would list a couple here.

1. scriptures about peace from worrying about your children - This is nice. If I have put some scriptures here to help others, that is great!!

2. tasty supper recipes - I have posted quite a few recipes. I wonder if someone really used any of them?

3. "goose sausage" recipe - I have goose sausage here and we have been cooking with it for a while. My brother gave it to us after one of his hunting trips. I guess I am not the only one who eats good sausage!! (it is a great low fat can be very dry though)

3. mom of a 4 year old blinkie - I am a mom of a 4 year old, but I don't have a blinkie. I haven't had much time lately to figure them out. One day, maybe I will actually have one for someone to see!!

4. mom's frustration - I guess I am not the only mom who is frustrated? I just hope that others reading about my frustrating actually see that it is only for a time with me. I get frustrated and then figure out how to handle it!

5. "i am that important"poem - It is awesome that someone can come up to my blog from this kind of search. Again, I hope that someone was encouraged by visiting!
6. i hate going to physicals - Ok, someone else agrees with me and was looking for some kind of support I guess!!

7. does ohip cover breast reduction - For medical reasons, yes!! I think I may have mentioned this once or twice on my blog and I am coming up in a search? Wow.

8. pee'd herself - What??? Who would do a search for thiss???

9. double curse doug phillips - What, what??? I have never heard of this person or the "double curse" either. I even did a search on my blog for this and nothing comes did this search bring up my blog?

I get a kick out of this stuff!!


  1. oh man that is TOO funny!! ROTFL

    the peeing one got me!! hahaha

  2. Putting in potting terms - ie throwing pots gets some intresting results too when you Google them!

    Not very helpfull for studying, but interesting :)

  3. funny results. Whats also funny is that I have an Uncle Doug Phillips. He is technically my dads uncle however I call him uncle also.

  4. Those are great... the things people google for is amazing... I can't wait to hear about others.