Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I can't think of a title kinda day!!

So, today was a fun day. I really enjoy having lotsa kids around here!! We had Shash's 3 oldest kids over today (one day, after toilet training, I will invite all 4 over too!).

My kids have been away a lot this summer. One thing they had really wanted to do was have a juice stand and they just haven't been around to do one. So everyday this week, so far, they have had one. We decided that it would be fun to make cookies (thanks Wave) and sell them as well (and in the process have some extras for here and to take camping).

They made about $7 on Monday, $10 on Tuesday and $11 today. I cannot get over how much money they made so far. Some neighbourhood kids helped out with the "advertising" (standing on the street corner and shouting JUICE AND COOKIES with BIG SIGNS!!).

So the kids learned that money doesn't just get split equally...someone provided the ingredients, someone poured their strength and time into preparing them, someone had a thought, and someone decided how to advertise etc... My 11 year old totally understands, but one of the neighbour kids didn't really. Hard lesson to learn, but...

Anyhow, today then, we started by having breakfast and then getting all the ingredients out for the cookies. Today was Princess' choice, "The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Cookie". They were sooooo good. I hadn't made them before but I will definately make them again!

The kids had fun getting people to come down the street and were excited to have a few use the "drive-thru"!!

The next exciting thing to happen was that Hubby got a phone call and is now employed again! He is a recycling collecter. Mr. Hockey totally idolizes his dad and loves that he is going to have an X vest again!! He starts on Monday and the pay is the same as his original job from 2 years ago. It means that if we continue to live at the budget level we are now, we will have all our debts paid off and be able to save money again!

It was a very long day, and we have an early morning tomorrow, and a busy one at that...Princess has her soccer picture retake (they lost her original picture), I have weigh in, the 2 older kids leave around 11 to go to their friends house for the day, we need to start packing to go camping (I will talk about that in a later post), and we need to get ready for the last church bbq and baseball game. I have really enjoyed doing the baseball, but it will be nice to have the break as well.

Gonna run and clean before I relax...


  1. Sounds like lots of fun I do miss those days when my kids did those things. Remember to write it all down in a journal as the days will pass qiucker than you think. I wish had done more journaling my mom kept telling me to, I did some days but I feel not enough. Gald to see your having fun as well as the kids. have fun camping too I love camping. we are going again in Sept to niagara falls.

  2. Thanks for taking my kids, they've been asking to do some stuff with friends this summer. I still don't have the boys... dropped them of with the Redheads and picked up J for Em to play with. It's been a nice and quiet day!!! and now night.... and tomorrow morning... ;-)