Monday, August 21, 2006

What we learn when we take time off...

We took the summer off from homeschooling. We are slowly thinking that it is time to start getting ready again to kick off our schoolyear. Today we cleaned off the school shelf and organized everyones books for the year. The kids each have their own shelf and they keep all their books there. I really want to be organized this year more then last year. I feel good, cause our house is being kept clean and dishes are done and the fruitflies are allmost gone...yuck, we had a bad problem this summer with them.

So, today, when we don't think we are learning, just watching TV, we learn some very interesting facts about measurement. We watched Cyberchase tonight, we haven't watched a lot of tv lately, but my kids get a kick out of the show.

We learned that...are you ready? The length of your foot is the same as your head. Go ahead, try it, just do like Princess did and bend your leg up so your foot is flat against your face, you will see it is the same!!

The next one we learned is that the distance from your thumb to the tip of your middle finger, doubled is the size of your neck...put your thumbs together and in the front of your neck, then wrap your hand around until the middle fingers meet, they should!!

Then, the circumfrence of your head is 3 of your thumb to middle finger measurements! This is true for everyone in the family except Cutie Pie, her head is much bigger then 3 measurements...and I didn't check Pooky's;-)

I know that all of this information is very interesting and you are all just as amazed as I have been by this. Why didn't I learn this information in school?

Oh, and the other one, I think was the distance from the tip of one hand to the other, when your arms are stretched out as far as they can, is the same as your height. I may have gotten that one wrong, but I think that is what it was.

Who says childrens television isn't educational??


  1. Oh, you missed one... the distance from your wrist to your elbow is the same as your foot... and yup, I have measured that one. I didn't think my foot was that big!! It is.

    Even with my goiter I just about get my fingers to touch around my neck too!!

    Got to love the stuff you learn on TV. The best thing I ever learned about asthma... I learned on TV... Not in Respiratory school!!! Coffee... it will help an asthma attack!! and it does work too!!

  2. That's cool - these are the shows I love, educational little bits of information you can use at parties... ;-) I actually put my foot on my arm to measure and it's true!!

  3. These were neat. I tried them while sitting at the computer. I didn't know most of them. The things you learn from TV.

  4. I don't have a little girl across the street, The only people that live across from me are elderly people in a retirement residence. However, when I was 10 there was a girl who always wanted to play with my younger sister and she become annoying and always wanted to play with her and me and my other sister, and anyone else who we'd have over. We'd go to the park, she'd come too, we'd go for a walk, there she would be. We tried to avoid her as much as we could, but also not try to be too mean, we ended up moving a 5 minute drive away, and much too far for her to walk, so we didn't end up seeing for except for at school. To this day though, my mom and her mom still email each other the odd time, or we'll get a family newsletter at Christmas time from them. I still makes me laugh all those memories we had with her.

  5. Hi Ruth

    That's fun to know- and a fun way for the kids to pick up that measurements and maths can be fun! Hey, well done with the driving the other day, keep it up :-)