Sunday, August 20, 2006

What I did today!!

At church this morning the kids had a great time with our second Sunday Funday!!

We sang a song to get the "jiggles" out and then had a fun Bible quiz. The first question was How many of each animal did Moses bring on the ark? I got it wrong the first time I answered, saying it was the question again if this is your answer!!

Then the kids had a freezie for snack and then broke off into seperate rooms to make a tin foil sculpture! They had a blast, one team had to make a horse, one had to make an elephant and one had to make a parrot. It was great to see the different ideas that came out of the kids. They were all awesome and so unique!

Then, we left church and headed out to pick up Princess from my brothers house. She had spent the night with her cousin who she hasn't seen in a while. I drove a part of the way there, then I was going to let hubby drive home since it is at the other end of town, but he insisted that I could do it and would be fine...

Guess what? I did, I drove all the way home. It took almost a half hour, but we made it home and I felt so confident. I am almost ready for the big streets!! (no, not yet...but it is coming:-)

I am also teaching Cutie Pie her playing Crazy Eights!! She has totally caught on to the game and can play on her own now. She just needs to work on strategy, but she knows her numbers and certain letters...A, K, J and Q!! Is this a bad way of teaching her? Will there be adverse outcomes down the road? I have no idea, but it works and all the kids love that we have this great family time together!

Gonna run and watch 8 Below now, then head out to Shash's sons birthday party. Be back later on or tomorrow!


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