Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's the first day of...

Not going back to school!!

We are starting back to schoolwork next week. We have written up a schedule and will be hanging it up on the wall. We have organized the school shelves, and I am confident that we are ready to get a great start on the year.

In the morning we will be working on, from 9am-10:30am:

Devotions: Mr. Hockey will be working through the book "Plants Grown Up" and the girls will be working through "Polished Cornerstones" (Cost for these books is $80.00 and they will last until the high school years)

Math: Mr. Hockey will be doing JUMP Math, Princess will be doing Math-U-See and Cutie Pie will be working in a Kindergarten workbook. (Math for all cost $55.00)

Language Arts and Reading: Mr. Hockey and Princess will both be doing Christian Light Education for these and Cutie Pie will be using her big Kindergarten workbook. (Cost for these subjects was $100 altogether)

Spelling: Mr. Hockey and Princess are working out of the Spelling Power book. (Paid $20.00 for this 2 years ago, will go with them until High School)

Then we are going to have a half hour break and then doing the once or twice weekly subjects.

From 11:00-12:00 we will be doing one of these:

Science: Using Considering God's Creation for all the kids, just making the older kids do more intense work. (Cost $20.00)

Geography: Using Canada My Country and various other Canadian Text Books, we will be varying the tasks depending on the age . (Cost was around $30.00)

History: Using A World Of Adventure and Canadas Natives Long Ago, Courage and Conquest. We will be using a bit of each of these to walk through some history this year with all the kids. (Cost for these books was around $15.00)

French: We will be working through Usborne's French for Beginners and some older french curriculum we bought this past year. (Cost about $25.00)

We will be notebooking most of these subjects to keep things in good order and to make it fun for the kids to have some books at the end of the year to share with family and friends.

Then it is time for lunch and cleanup.

In the afternoons, from 1:30-3:00ish, we are going to be working on some unit studies and independent studies. The kids are each picking some topics that they are interested in and they will be working at putting together either a notebook or a lapbook about the subject.

Mr. Hockeys choices for topics are: Hockey Players, Candy, Lightening, Race Cars and Remote Control Cars

Pricess chose: Caterpillars, Dogs, Birds, Deer, and Chipmunks and Squirrels

Cutie Pie's choices are: Butterflies, Hearts, Dogs, Baby Animals, Cats, and Ponies and Horses

I made 2 choices that everyone will do, they are: First Aid and Family Tree

We even made some choices for Pooky: Words, Pictures, Animals, Family Members, and Body Parts

So, now I feel slightly organized...Nothing is ever set in stone when we homeschool. It is nice to remain flexible and able to shape around different life events as well.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the "ideals" of a homeschooler. Like I said above, it does not always follow this routine, but it is along these lines. School also happens when the kids play with the bugs in the yard, or build snowmen, or do good deeds for neighbours without them even knowing.

These are the reasons I love to homeschool!!


  1. Wow, that's quite the schedule. Have fun...I admire people who can homeschool.