Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Renter and Today

Some may have noticed that I have a new renter this week. Ghost Writer is just over to the right of this post. She has some really great posts on her site. I am still checking them all out. She is a wonderful writer and reviews many great books over there as well. Check her out, let her know I sent you and enjoy your visit there!

Onto today. I need to get out of the house. I was going to head out to the childrens museum, but found out it is on shutdown for the week. So then I was going to do the farmer's market...checked the money:-( So maybe we will just go to the park. I am waiting to hear back from my mom about something, so I am not sure when I will head out.

Tonight starts AWANA again for the kids. It is just a registration night, 6:30-7:30. They are pretty excited to go back. Mr. Hockey and Princess are in Truth and Training. It is Mr. Hockey's last year there, then we will see what happens next. It is Princess' first year. She flew through the Sparks program, completing all the regular books twice plus two and a half of the extra yellow books. She will do well again this year I am guessing. Cutie Pie is heading into Sparks for the first year. We talked about keeping her in Cubbies, since her birthday is at the end of December, but she insisted on moving up. She will be there without her friends. They are all in Cubbies this year again, so it should be interesting. She just still seems like my baby and I know she is growing up...but...I guess this is the year that we encourage her to mature a lot more. Pooky is still too small for any programs, so she will just enjoy having mom and dad to herself instead!

My kids have been going to this particular AWANA now for 6 years. They have made some great relationships there and love to go and meet new kids. They really strive to do their best and they enjoy the awards they earn.

Gotta run and get some other stuff done now...pick some grapes that surprised me by being ready early.


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