Monday, September 25, 2006

Some exciting things from yesterday...

Yesterday, while 2 of my kids were at friends houses...wait, let me back up...

After church yesterday, my friend, Sharon, asked if Cutie Pie would like to go to her house for lunch with her daughter. I said it would be fine, so she went and told her daughter to ask CP. My Cutie Pie came running up to me and said "mommy, my friend wants me to sleep over at her house!!" Both Sharon and I were shocked!! So I told Cutie Pie to go and double check if that was right. She came running back to me and said "My friend said YES!!!" So I had a very comical conversation with Sharon taht kinda went like this..."Hi friends mom, was CP invited to sleep over at your house?" to which her response was "No, CP's mom, I believe she was invited to come over for lunch". I then said, "Oh, CP did you want to go over for lunch at their house?" Then she jumped up and was so excited because she had never been to her house before and she was going to have so much fun!! (this is when I really realized that Cutie Pie hears only what she wants!!) So, that is where CP was. Princess had been invited over to Shash's house to play with her Princess!

Anyhow, back to the exciting news, not that having only 2 kids wasn't exciting, but you know what I mean!! We went shopping first and grabbed some much needed things, then came home and had lunch. We watched a bit of the Popeye movie (I did not know that there was one, we will have to rent it sometime) then decided to go up and work on finishing Cutie Pie and Pookie's room.

Hubby had started it when we were away, I may have posted about it, but it was nowhere near done. So yesterday, we went in and took down Pooky's crib. She had figured out how to climb out and we thought it was safer for her to be in the toddler bed instead. Then we set up her bed and made it and showed her what it was. She was so excited. Then we had to fasten Cutie Pie's bed to the wall. We fastened it in 4 places and it doesn't shake as much as it did before. We also figured out how to get a bed rail in place that would be safe enough.

We also organized the toys under CP's bed, all ready to be played with AND put away when done, and there is one bucket of toys under Pooky's bed as well. I emptied the dressers and the closet so that we know exactly what clothes are going back in. They do not need as much as they had. Pooky has outgrown most of her outfits and we are short clothes for her, so we will be making a trip to some thrift stores! I think I must have given away most of CP's clothes before we had Pooky. Oh well, I get to buy some clothes for her and that is exciting, cause I love to find good deals!!

So, last night, both Cutie Pie and Pooky slept in their new beds and slept all night. Now, when I went up to bed, around midnight, I peeked on Pooky and she was on the floor with her blanket. There is just one little tiny opening at the end of the bed rail, and I guess she managed to fall out of it!! We put her back into bed and this morning she woke up, around 6ish and crawled into my bed and slept until 7 when I woke up. I can handle this!! It was the right time for this transition, definately!!

So, when we are only down to 2 kids, we tend to get a lot done *big grin*!!


  1. Its amazing that when there is less ppl in the house you get a lot more done. My family was gone this weekend, and there was usually just me, one of the two siblings left with me, and the pets. I was able to get lots of laundry, mop all floors, vaccum, dust, and clean one of the bathrooms. It felt good. :)

  2. Awesome to hear that she is out of the crib... nuggets was never in one nor was pug, so the only one I had it that crib was Junior. If its the crib that we gave you ... can we get it back I would like to see if another family in the church can be blessed with it. J is willing to come get it today as he will be down town anyway.... give me a call.

  3. ewww I love it when we accomplish so much and having less kids around really helps to do that!

  4. I can't believe you've never seen Popeye with Robin Williams before. It was one of the first movies I got to see after my parents were free from their religious freakout momemt about spirits in theatres... I love the movie. It's good to get things accomplished eh?! We should ship our kids elsewhere more often...

  5. It is amazing how much you can accomplish with half the number of children! I used to find that when a couple of my kids went to play elsewhere too