Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thanks to all and where I have been!

Thanks to everyone for helping me out with my 200 comments...I didn't have time to figure out where everyone came from, so I am just going to link you all here to thank you all!!

Colleen (Redheads) - My very good friend from church...I think she had lots of fun with the comments!! Go check out her blog and there is a video clip in the sidebar with one of my favourite songs!!
Meggles - Another friend from church. She just got a new puppy and is he ever cute. You gotta go over and check out the pics of him!!
Lala - She just moved into a new house and still found the time, between the unpacking and organizing, to comment like crazy on my post (hehe)!! There are some awesome pics of her new house and she also has a new post up with some prayer requests for people who are close to her.
Judy - She is still new at this blogging thing...I met Judy about 11 years ago. She moved away now, but is still an inspiration for how a wife, mom and friend should be...Thanks Judy!!
Kristen - A new blogger I have met! She was trying to get 125 comments for her 125th post. She reached her goal as well!! She has a great blog and lots of good reads over there!
Shash - What can I say about Shash? She is awesome!! Even when her computer is broken down, she looks all over the city for one she could just "happen" by!! Right now she has posted on her blog a Bible study us ladies at church are working through...about Abigail and her strength. Check it out!
Sharon - This is my friend who is the "soon to be blogger" Keep checking here for when she gets that crazy idea that she is ready to start a blog and not just enjoy reading them!! I KNOW that she has some GREAT stories to blog about...come on everyone..SHARON...SHARON...SHARON
Mugwumpmom - Wow, this is a great blog, as well. She is so inspiring and just knows how to say things right. I love reading her posts and they all touch my life in some way. Definately a must read for everyone!
Xangelle - She has some great stuff on there, just about her life. She helped me figure out how to finish my Grape Jelly and from that I have gone on to make chili sauce the same way too!! Where would I be without that great advice??? And if you look over there now, you will see what a great artist her daughter is!!
Looney Mom - Just started reading Looney Mom recently. Her family has had a few little bumps and she is now homeschooling her daughter. She has a great blog design and I have seen some of her others which are pretty nice too, go and see for yourself!
Tammy - Another homeschooling mom. She has the funniest story on there right now about the tooth that I can totally relate to and say "yes, I know how that feels..." You just have to go and read it for youreself!!
Merle - Merle is from Australia and I have really enjoyed reading her blog daily now. She posts some very funny jokes and there was a recipe on there that we are going to try this week. I also really liked the post with the story about My Road.
Pauline - She is also a fairly new blogger. She is an amazing cook and is looking for recipes that will fit with her family's new restrictions. Go on over and see if you can help her out with some tried and true recipes!

Wow, so those are all the people who helped me on my journey to 200 comments. Thanks Lala for the great idea, it was fun to read them all as they came in!! I guess I will do a seperate post tomorrow about a big surprise that we had done today for one of our kids.

Just to leave you all hanging!!


  1. ok you did leave me hanging and I even came on in the morning but no news :(

    Thanks for the plug about my site. I had fun helping you and I agree Sharon must join!

  2. How sweet of you to mention me. I'm humbled and honored. Glad you made your goal; how fun!!

  3. Hello Ruth ~~ Thank you for the kind things you said about me and my post.
    That was very nice of you. Take care,