Friday, October 20, 2006

Are we crazy...or what?

Weather forecast for the weekend:

Friday... 8 degrees with 30% chance of rain
Saturday... 10 degrees with 40% scattered showers
Sunday... 11 degrees with 70% showers

and why am I telling you this? Guess where we are going...come on, take a guess...

CAMPING!! Yup, we have camped every October since 2001. The first time we went, it was a very spur of the moment trip. Our baby was stillborn at 32 weeks in 2000. I was pregnant again and in October I was 32 weeks along. The way my mind was processing everything, I was kind of "freaking" out, I thought a nice, cold retreat would be nice.

So, I ended up calling a friend (Wave) and asked if she was interested in coming with us, and we proceeded to pack up, quickly and off we went (who says you can't be spontaneous when you have kids!!).

That weekend we just spent hanging out, not thinking of anything back home and just enjoying God's creation. My baby was fine, but it was my "mental" holiday. That following Christmas, Cutie Pie was born!!

So ever since then, we have been camping in October or November. It has become a really fun tradition that we have, and my nephew came one yaer, then last year my mom came along too. This year, it is our family (6 of us), my mom, niece and nephew, and my brother in law and his son, oh yeah, and the dog. It has really grown and it is so much fun. There really is alot to do around the campground that we go to. We go for hikes and check out the piers and the boardwalk, collecting nature stuff, having fires, and generally keeping warm!!

That is where we are headed this weekend. I will definately be back blogging on Sunday night (depends what time...can't miss Amazing Race or Desperate Housewives;) or Monday morning.

I will, however, leave you with this one thought...Princess, my 8 year old, says this morning at breakfast "Mom, did you know that when people kiss their germs get mixed up?", I, not paying much attention, respond with "mmhmm"...then she says "so, you and dad need to stop kissing...please mom, just stop!!" Hopefully she will think it is too gross to do until she is much, much older!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You're crazy...but we already knew that. ;-)
    Did you ask Princess who told her the germs get mixed up?

  2. Have a great time on your trip! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Have a great weekend. And yes you are crazy going camping in the cold but that is in my opinion.

  4. way to go. I couldn't go camping this weekend. too cold for me. unless i took our trailer and the portable heater.

    I love amazing race and desperate housewives, between 8-10pm on sunday nights im in front of the tv watchin those shows. i even have the 1st season, waiting for christmas for season 2.

  5. I remember camping one Thanksgiving with a bunch of Dads brothers and sisters, my aunts and uncles. Well it snowed, and crazy teenager that I was I had, No I mean HAD, to wash my hair, well... no hot water.... who cares wash it anyway. Crazy I say. Its not recommended to say the least. Have a great time.

  6. I hope your trip is fun no matter what. And don't be spreading any germs! LOL!

  7. Have a great trip, Ruth. I pray your mind and heart are at peace as you revisit some of the memories of your stillborn child. GB.

  8. I was wondering why you hadn't gone so far this month! I have a nice and warm RV sitting in my driveway....

    See you in a couple weeks then! Have fun!!! Stay warm by sharing those germs!!!!! ;-)