Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mom of the year?

I have been blogging for a while now, and have frequently read about the elusive "Mom of the Year Award". I was sure that I was in the running...until last night...

My mom came and picked up myself and the kids to take us to AWANA. It is only like a 5 minute walk, but it was damp and cool and I didn't feel like walking...that is another post...

So, we got there, but were a few minutes late, so we told the older kids to "run as fast as you can" so they will not be as late for T&T. I told my mom to drop Cutie Pie off in her room (Sparks) and I would take my nephew and Cheryl's daughter to Cubbies. Off we ran.

Ok, so where did I lose my award? I made sure all the kids had their dues and their bags with Bible's, books, telling the Cubbies leader Cheryl's phone number, in case of emergency...

Back out to the van, where my mom was already in. She says to me...did you forget someone? We both totally forgot that Pooky was in the van. My mom said she was screaming when she got back.


I have 4 kids, the oldest is 11. I have NEVER forgotten one of them, EVER!! I felt so bad, just in shock that I could forget she was there!! In my defense though, it was the first time throughout the day that she had been very quiet!! (see wordless Wednesday post below!)

Then I realized that I left the wrong phone number for Cheryl...


Please tell me that I am not the only one to forget a child in the car...Puhleeze...make me feel better!!


  1. That is so funny Ruth... just remember that your mom forgot her too. It reminds me of Home Alone the movie. Haahaa.

    Actually a neighbour of our used to forget her youngest all the time. It could have been at the ice rink, in the car or at home sleeping, she forgot her all the time. This was her 3rd daughter, and the were all about 4 years apart. She is doing much bet- t- er now :P

  2. Yes I do remember those days No you are not losing your mind. I did it too. The first time I did it was at church though. my youngest was 2 months old (he is almost 16 now) I was teaching junior church and i ws all cleaned up and got the gilrs dressed to go home it was the end of november so hats mits etc were nessesary up here. well he was sleeping in the nursery crib in his car seat. Well we did not get far before my oldest now 20 asked where is my brother I will never forget her voice that day. I did do it again but do not remeber the details as I do that day. write it down it becomes a memory to tell them that moms are not perfect we do make mistakes too. God bless Judy

  3. My aunt from my dad's side forgot her daughter at church once and remembered as they were driving home. Also my friends aunt forgot her son beside the photocopying machine at a local staples or something like that, and remembered when her daughter said something to her. I forgot about my moms dog the other day, tied him up on the leash outside, went to go drop the extra garbage bags at the local waste station and then came back and heard him barking..oops...i forgot him outside.
    Your a great mom to your kids I would still nominate you for the award!

  4. um.... well.......I sort of forget there are in the truck....... on purpose!! shhhh hehehe

  5. Oh trust me happens! No you are not losing your is just full of kid stuff! I remember, and now I get to watch my daughter go through it. She swears that the twins zapped all memory and brain matter from her body as she was carrying them. But she made the National Dean's List this year so can't be that bad! (shameless plug for my daughter, mother of five, who will graduate this spring with her B.A. in Web Design) Hang in there, it gets better.

  6. Well I locked Tay in the car when she was about 18 months old at a Sam's Club. I locked the keys inside by accident; I set them on the seat while I buckled her into her carseat and out of habit, I locked the door and shut it and as the door was closing I realized that I didn't pick my keys back up. I was in a panic. I thought I would have to break the window but by God's grace, a couple and their young daughter with an arm just small enough to fit through the just-barely-open window came along and offered their help. WHEW!

  7. Haha, this is funny and you are not alone. I did this once remember... with Liam. It was winter and I dropped the 2 older ones off at the front entrance with Nicky then went to park the van. I came into the church and Nicky says, "where's the baby?" DUH!!! I ran so fast down those stairs and out the door to the van. I couldn't believe I had done that but I did... it happens to all of us sooner or later!! ;-) It's good to know you're human!

  8. Van you're not loosing your mind! It happens.
    That pic of her for Wordless Wed is for the wedding day montage!!
    And you're too kind to mention me in your Thankful Thursday...I'm touched.
    My sis is coming home this weekend. I hope you and her got to know eachother a bit.
    Have a great weekend if I don't "blog" ya before then.