Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Cleanse, day 2 and more!!

Today was day 2 of my cleanse. I realized this morning that I forgot to take 2 pills yesterday, but that was it. There are a lot of pills in this one, maybe next time (if I do it again) I will look for one without all the pills.

Anyhow, breakfast this morning was trail mix and OJ and lots of water. I had a bowl of salad with a bit of dressing and water for lunch, and then we walked up and back to the community centre to babysit for a program. I forgot while we were there about the cleanse and had 3 ritz cracker spiders...cheez whiz, pretzel sticks and raisins on a cracker...oops. I think it is fine though.

Supper was chicken and salad and carrots. It was very good. I let Princess make the BBQ sauce herself. I just told her what ingredients had to be in it and it turned out to be finger lickin good!!

I just got in from aquafit with my mom, so I am tired. I am going to head to bed, but wanted to share one story with you all from Friday.

We were cleaning up the house before we left for camping. I think it is nice to come home to a clean house! I found that the pouch of cayenne pepper had spilled on the floor in the corner and swept it into the middle of the floor. Pooky thought it would be fun to pick up and play with the "sand". When we noticed, we cleaned her up, but it was too late. She had rubbed her hands in her eyes and was screaming and would not open her eyes.

I freaked out and had Mr. Hockey get me a glass of cold water and as I pried her eyelids open he poured the water into them, to try to flush them out. Ha, not so easy with an 18 month old... Anyhow, she ended up being ok and slept on my shoulder for a while. I checked the internet to see if there was anything bad about cayenne pepper in the eye and found some interesting articles here, here and the most intriguing one here. So, I guess she should have 20/20 vision now (according to the last link!!)

She is fine now, she can see fine now, she is back to her old self again. I am happy because I was really worried, I didn't know what it could do to her. But I have also gained some extra knowledge about cayenne that I never knew before, it really has some interesting uses, medicinally.

Alright, I am falling asleep here at the computer, it is time for bed. I will be back again tomorrow to tell you a story of a birth that happened today...but I will leave you hanging for now;-)


  1. I think I would have been freaking out too...I tend to panic a bit! So glad she's OK! :)

  2. oh man! glad she is ok! I will have to go read those links later!
    and I couldn't post a comment on the latest entry! but I was going to say LOVE the pic! I think it is great!