Monday, October 23, 2006

Finally, the pic of Pooky and more...

I love this picture the best. It was so awesome to be outside, enjoying the beauty of the fall. Pooky just loved to crunch all the leaves under her feet. I really want to go back again...maybe in a few weeks time...;-)

On to things today. I started a cleansing. I have read about all these bloggers who have been doing them and thought that I should try it out.

So, I started one today. I want to keep track of how I am feeling and see if this is worth doing again or not. I weighed myself this morning and I am overwhelmed at how much weight I have put on. Here starting weight, for all to see, 224. Yup, just a few months ago I was down to 205. Not sure what happened, but, this is where I start. My first goal is to get to 200. I am hoping that the cleanse will give me a kick start in the right direction.

So, today I took my pills before breakfast and had yogurt and granola and a cup of orange juice. Then I took the next pills before lunch and I had a big bowl of salad with balsamic vinegrette dressing. I will take my next pills before supper and we are having lemon, curry chicken, brown rice and carrots to eat. I will have some trail mix to munch on before supper (we eat lat on Mondays). I have drank 4 8oz ups of water so far, I am supposed to drink 12 of them, I need to catch up a bit there.

I find that I am pee'ing a lot more then normal...which I guess is normal when doing this. So far I am feeling good and don't seem too uncomfortable. I will check in again tomorrow to see if it is any worse!!

Gonna run, I am taking Pooky swimming tonight, while the othe kids are either swimming or waiting for their class to start. I think she will enjoy the one on one attention from mommy for a change!

Be back later!


  1. well I think it is great that you are doing a cleanse! it is a great way to kick off loosing some weight....just watch out for day 4/5.....I got REALLY REALLY sick...felt like the flu and worse but stick it out it gets better!

  2. I remember hearing about Lala's trip down cleansing lane. I hope it all goes well, stick close to the bathroom... you're body does get used to all the water eventually - it's so good for you. They say that 75% of america is dehydrated and if you feel thirsty you're dehydrated, that's not a good thing. I'm not one to talk, I forgot to drink water today.... oops.

  3. What a cute little Pooky.

    Good for you, getting started on healthy living. It's not easy, I know. Keep it up!

  4. Sounds like you had a really great time camping. Keep it up with the cleansing, you're doing well! Don't push yourself too hard with it, steady as she goes is the best way, then you won't get discouraged some weeks when maybe nothing much seems to be happening. I started doing it with the aim not so much of losing weight but of wanting to be fitter.

  5. I don't like the laxative part because all that know me know I go enough some days uncontrolable. I wonder if there is a cleanse that would suit me. help me !!!

    Go to work for me ruth if it's out there i know u can find it for me