Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF's) and Mercury

So, on to the next part from the seminar I attended. There was a lot of talk about how harmful EMF's are. Like the waves that come from television, computers, phones, cell phones, microwaves, radios...etc...

I don't know how much of this I believe, because I haven't researched it to understand it a great deal. I do know that some of what was said did make sense to me. One man talked about an article in a European magazine that showed an egg that had "cooked" between 2 cell phones that were turned on, it took 65 minutes. That blows me away. I am going to have to look it up and see if it is true or not, I am such a skeptic!!

However, if it is true, can you imagine what those waves do to our body? They mix every thing up inside. We all have some kind of energy in our body (is this sounding too "new age'ish"?). When all those waves surround us the energy is our body goes haywire. That is what causes some anxiety problems, ADD, some of the autism (of which the numbers of growth were astounding...I am trying to find those dates and numbers but can't find them anywhere).

So, one solution to dealing with this EMF problem is to purchase devices which help to either block the waves or harmonize them. Apparently you can buy a chip to put in a cell phone and it harmonizes the waves...BioPro. You can buy so many other products out there too. One was a Qlink pendant, one was black salt that apparently you place some in a little bag by your computer or phone or wherever you want and it harmonizes the EMF's for 10 feet ( I can't find any info on Black Salt), someone in the meeting had mentioned it and let me tell you a funny story...sidenote: The older European gentleman in the front row mentioned the black salt that he buys at a local health store. Another man, and his wife, a few rows back, speaks up and says he uses it too. Said he put it under the bed to neutralize the bedroom. His wife couldn't sleep cause her energy level was too high. Someone else in the room asked well, what do you do then? and the room went silent...I will leave you to figure it out!!

Back to this. So, here is some info I have found regarding EMF's. Here, here and here. (I haven't thoroughly gone through these sites, just some food for thought)

Another thing that was touched on was mercury/thimerasol. Less then 1 tsp of mercury will contaminate an entire 20 acre lake. I am not sure what immunizations now have in them, but it is worth looking into to seeing if there is mercury in them. Also, I am starting to watch what seafood I am eating. I am still doing research on this as well, as it is in deoderants, and fillings in people's mouths etc... some mercury information can be found here, here and here (I encourage you to look some up on your own and let me know what you find out).

I will be back a bit later on to type up 10 ways to improve yours and your childs brain development. Some very basic steps that seem easy enough to change.


  1. definitely interesting...not sure about the wave things but there is SO much we don't know and understand!

    I don't immunize and I am wondering if the peanut allergy epidemic has something to do with the new vaccine??? something I have been meaning to look into!