Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My kids are now out trick or treating with their dad. Mr. Hockey is a recycling man (this boy idolizes his daddy, can you tell?), Princess is a dog, she made her own ears and tail, Pooky is a bumblebee (a friend leant us the costume!) and what, I bet you are asking, is Cutie Pie...

Well, at first she wanted to be a ghost and I just would say "that's nice, we'll see." Princess told her that she was a ghost, or something like that last year and she should be something else this year. She decided to be a princess. Easy, I knew if I just left it alone and didn't make a big deal about her choice that it would change...however, tonight she decided that she did not want to be a princess and wanted to be a cat. She insisted that she had a cat costume in the basement and went to get it. We do not have a cat costume. It was 6 when she had her costume meltdown and I said either go as a princess or not at all. She ended up going as a cheerleader (we have a little cheerleader apron that she wore...Oh, life with her is never uninteresting!!

We do halloween here, but have never done scary things. The first few years that we lived in this house, we didn't do it at all and went to church parties instead. A thought had come to me after one party and it was kinda like...we live in the downtown core of our city. Everyone, I mean everyone has given it such a horrible rap. I don't care what anyone says, I think living in suburbia can be even more dangerous nowadays. It frustrates me when people put down my area without coming down and seeing just how many young families are living here and what the quality of life is like here for a lot of people. Anyhow, the thought was that the families who have chosen to live downtown (even though we could have gone elsewhere) really enjoys living downtown, we love the community feel that we have here (moreso now, that we actually have gotten to know each other a bit more, it wasn't like this in the very beginning).

So one reason we have decided to "do" halloween is so that we can continue to build relationships with our neighbours. On nice nights we are outside talking, joking and watching the kids. It is nice for a change to actually get to know our neighbours a bit more. It also adds to the feeling of safety when more people are around...and we all know that nights like this can become scary and end up not so great.

Both hubby and I grew up trick or treating but it was vastly different for the 2 of us. They did scary, creepy and spooky stuff. One year I dressed up like a Bible character (no one knew who I was) but it was more of a fun night for us in our family. He really enjoys doing this with the kids and the first few years when we went to the parties instead of t&t, it was like pulling teeth. Now, we have found our "medium ground", we do participate, but it is not scary and is as fun as possible. I just don't want to continue making him resent me for decisions that I make without him...I think I have grown in that regard (if he ever said we are not doing this again, I would have no problem either...)I think that everyone does what is right for their family, and no ones choice is better than anothers.

So, that is where they are, and I am here handing out pop, and granola bars (the pop was free with his coupons, but we have run out and I had to raid the pantry...) . I found stickers and granola bars, oatmeal to go bars and some small hard candies, 2 rice crispie squares, a glow stick, um, lets see...some erasers, and 1 juice box. So we are cleaned out if that many more kids come by (not sure if we will get that many more).

So, if you are out tonight, or planning on going out, stay safe and have fun!!


  1. I have similar views on Halloween. No scary stuff. My kids had a choice whether or not to go t&t...most of the time they chose not to go since they felt it didn't glorify God.

    I love your template!

  2. My kids came home from the church with more candy than I know what to do with tonigh and tomorrow.... Q and Li have dentist appointments!! Go figure eh!