Thursday, November 16, 2006

Everythingmy kids learn...they learn in the van...

Yup, we have talked about everything in the van. Who needs the dinner table (just kidding!) when you have a van.

We have talked about babies being born to teens, adoption, were their dad and I married when we got pregnant, why not, how babies are made, who they are going to marry!!!

That was the topic tonight. Cutie Pie says "I am going to marry Li (Shash's son) because we kissed each other!!" I have learned to not speak up a whole lot and it gets forgotten, usually...That comment led into this discussion...

Cutie Pie: Mr. Hockey, when I am 11 how old are you going to be?
Mr. Hockey: (adding it up as he is counting...)I will be 18
Cutie Pie: How old will you be when I am 18
Mr. Hockey: (counting again) 25
Cutie Pie: How old do you have to be to get married?
Me: At least 18, or older...
Cutie Pie: When I am an adult?
Princess: It is only 10 years away for me!! And only 7 for Mr. Hockey!!
Dad: You are not getting married when you are 18...
Princess: But i can have a boyfriend when I am 18, wait, when I am 16 actually.
Me: You don't really want a boyfriend, it is up to me and your dad.
Princess: It is up to God!
Me: Stunned looking for a comeback...
Me: Finally ready to speak...When people have girlfriends and boyfriends, they think they fall in love. They spend a lot of time with that person and then when one or the other decides that they don't like each other anymore, they breakup and their hearts get hurt. It doesn't really sound very nice, does it?
Princess: No, I don't want to be hurt like that. Dad, did you have a girlfriend?
Dad: Stunned silence...
Me: I had boyfriends, and I cried a lot when they broke up with me, because it really hurt me when that happened. It would have been better for me to wait for God to send me the right person and then I would never have to be hurt.
Princess: I am going to wait, but how do you know? How did you know that dad was the right one?
Me: You just know;-)

So, that was a part of the discussion tonight...then somehow we drove by the local jail and Mr. Hockey asks if it is a jail.
Dad: Yup
Princess: What is jail like? Dad, you have been in jail right?
Dad: Yup
Princess: Is it nice?
Dad: No
Princess What is it like?
Dad: 3 walls and bars
Princess: Are there rats?
Dad: No
Princess: Do you have your own room?
Dad: Not always
Cutie Pie: Cool, you have bunkbeds then?
Dad: Sometimes
Princess: Did you have someone in your room?
Dad: I was in the drunk tank...not jail!!
Princess: You drank and drove?
Dad: No, I never said that...I was just drunk
Princess: Eww, you were drunk?

That is what it is like to drive in the car with my family!! Like I said, who needs a dinner table?


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I laughed at the bunkbed comment since I know how much Cutie Pie and C have been enjoying making forts with them.

  2. HAHA, I'm giggling here! I wish these blogs had room for voice comments!!

    When our kid's start asking questions, I'll let my hubby answer for us. We'll live his life together... ;-)

    Tell princess I said, "When you allow God to bring you your husband... He goes all out!"

  3. I read it again and am still laughing.

  4. that is too funny!

    Can I come to Cutie Pie and Li's wedding?

    Haa haa!

  5. So cute!

    Good luck with your party tomorrow!

  6. So cute and funny. Reminds me of when all my sisters and brothers and I would go on car rides.

    I'm so invited too to the wedding!