Saturday, November 11, 2006

Second Post Today...

We have been talking about the possiblilty of moving at some point. We have talked about the different kind of houses we would be interested in and what we could afford, comfortably. We have talked about buying a duplex of sorts, even a basement apartment, to help pay the mortgage and we would have some extra money to play with at the end of the month.

Well, here is my new thought. We live in an older house in the downtown core of our city. We have 3 bedrooms, an unfinished attic (that is huge), a partially finished basement and an addition on the back that we turned into a pantry.

What if we were to...

1. Make the basement an apartment-we would have to move the laundry machines out of the basement and make that room the kitchen and bathroom...there are already water hookups from the machines, how hard could it be? The room that Mr. Hockey is staying in would be split in half, with a wall and would make 2 rooms, a bedroom and a living room. There is a seprate entrance at the side of the house for a tenant as well.

2. Finish the attic as our bedroom. It gives us an extra floor then. The 2 girls who are sharing a room now would move into our room, Princess would move into their old room and Mr. Hockey would move into Princess' room (it is painted blue already!)

3. Finish the addition in the back of the house as our laundry room and pantry combined, or just forget the pantry altogether.

What do you think?


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me. We had an old attic which we could not use as the roof was old and in bad repair. About 6 years ago we put a new roof on and then dcorated the attic and suddenly my house grew by two rooms!

    xx Fizzy xx


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  3. It sounds like a good idea. You'd save lots of $$$$. It'd be fun, too!

  4. reno's can be a good way to bring value to your house! just make sure you weigh the cost....we added on to our first house (we filled in the carport and added on back and made 2 more bedrooms and another living room)... it cost us almost 3 times what the budget was!! and J did a lot of it himself so there was less $$ coming in each month... when we sold the house we really only got dollar value for it which is ok but not great cuz if you added J's time it would be considered a loss. This doesn't always happen and it totally might be worth it just make sure you have a great idea of what the cost is....specially moving laundry items with an old house piping!

    hope that wasn't a downer....just my lil'ol opinion for what it's worth!
    hope you are having a great long weekend

  5. I think it would be great for you to have more space for your family. Renting an apartment invites strangers to your home. Which is fine with caution. Seek God's guidance in what you should do. God wants increase in your life. He gave you a wonderful home with so much potential.

  6. When it comes to major renovations it always has to be tempered against a few things: The market, the area, the age of the house. If the renovation costs will make you the money in return then go for it. If you put too much money into it you may not get it back, that wouldn't be a wise investment. For example when we did our redecorting in the last house, when we re-did the kitchen, had we put in granite countertops we would have lost money, the house, the area etc did not call for that kind of luxury but if we didn't do that in our new house, we wouldn't sell it as fast. Does that make sense?