Tuesday, November 14, 2006

See, I am not as addicted as everyone thinks!!

See, this just proves that I am not as addicted as everyone thinks!! I don't have to post daily!!

Ok, for real now...this Saturday is our Usborne Books Christmas open house. I am so excited. I don't have people over as much as I would like to. So, when people are invited, I do get excited!!
We are getting the house ready this week. We have been working last night and this morning to get the clutter out of the house. Today we are clearing our "Hotspots" for those who do Flylady (which I am trying, but I do find it a bit overwhelming!!)

So far the wall unit is cleared off and the piano and bookcases are being worked on as I type. The kids are so excited to help and I thought I would take a break and do this post. When they all get cleared off and wiped down, we are bringing down some Crhistmas things to put out. This is a Christmas open house, so I want it to be festive. I don't think we have ever had our stuff out so early.

We have our food (Coconut Mice, Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Cheesy Christmas Stars and Peppermint Creams) crafts (Silver Trees and Birds, Advent Calendar and Snowmen Paper Chain) and decorations (Simple Snowflakes, Flying Angels and Glittering Shapes) planned for the day. If I get a chance (new batteries) I will take pictures of the fun we ar having while making them all.

I am going to spend some time upstairs washing down the bathroom floors, I think I will sandpaper them a bit too. We have some extra peel and stick tiles that I think will look nice in the bathroom and would like that done before Saturday too. Nothing like some outside motivation, huh? Maybe we will even get the wood panels on the wall finished and the painting too, this week. It would be nice to have a closer to being finished bathroom!!
I think the sandpaper may help the tiles stick down better. I hope so, cause I don't want them to peel up.

We are also almost finished catching up on laundry. That is the worst thing we do around here. It just never seems to get caught up, but again with the outside motivation...we have a truck coming to pick up some stuff that we are donating ont he 24th, so I want it all done by then. We noticed on Sunday that we all had clean clothes in our dressers, and how nice it was. Princess even commented on how much more relaxed we were with it!!

All in all, we are going to be having a pretty busy week. I am not sure how often I will get on here, or reading others blogs this week, but if I don't come by...I will soon!!


  1. that is so awesome! sounds like a good party you are going to have on Sat! hope it all goes well!
    I have to clean as well....J is coming home this weekend better get my butt in gear

  2. 3 days very good... What time is your Usborne sale?
    I will be working on Saturday as usual.