Sunday, December 17, 2006

Church Today

Service today was fun. We had the kids get up in front and talk about the different Christmas traditions in countries around the world. I find it fascinating how everywhere celebrates it so differently.

(the following links are only examples of what we may have learned about today)
We learned about China, Germany, Japan, Guyana, Italy, Canada, and Guatemala from the kids. Then I thought it would be fun for the adults to speak about what they knew about countries (or other provinces) they were from. We had a few brave adults talk about Switzerland, Malaysia, Quebec, Newfoundland, and a bit about the food in the Ukraine (I think I remembered all the places). I am so hungry for some international food this week, that I am going to find some easy, affordable recipes to make. YUM!!

Then we handed out the Mancala games and the kids and some adults were playing it after service. It really is a fun game to play, I would encourage you all to try it out...can be addicting though, if you like to win a lot!!

I really enjoyed that this morning. I had no ideas for a Christmas show/activity/canata, whatever for this year. I have enjoyed planning things in the past but I am tapped for ideas!! This was perfect for the kids Christmas program. What an awesome way to see our kids growing and learning and encouraging each other. They are all awesome and did so well up there!! Good job to the kids and the adults!!


  1. Thanks for leaving a message on my page. You're in the right place for international food, Toronto and surrounding area is about as multicultural as you can get!
    Marry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. It was a great day and a wonderful service! It really impresses me how great our kids are growing up.

    Great Job Ruth!!! once again....

  3. What a wonderful sight to see and kids inspiring adults! I pray we have a stage for them next time.

  4. that sounds like a wonderful service! I love having the kids so involved!