Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Her future hubby will appreciate her!!

Princess: That is dumb (watching a commercial for a ring)
Mr. Hockey: What is dumb? Isn't it $20?
Princess: No, it is 1999, over one thousand dollars
Mr. Hockey: For a ring?
Princess: What a rip off...just for a ring and a diamond...what a rip off


  1. You did well with the belt! I never really learned to crochet. I've decided to get several little gifts for the grandchildren rather than a couple of big ones. I have NO idea what to get for my children though!

  2. Wow you have taught her well... now all you need to do is teach her that Flowers on Valentines day are way to expensive, either get them 3 weeks before hand or wait until 3 weeks after and they go back in price and I think her hubby will be so happy!

  3. maybe they were watchin the same commercial as my kids...they were asking me if I wanted the diamond ring cuz it was only $10 no it was $1000 no it said $10 no it said $1000 right mom which one is right mom...sheesh can't even watch tv without them argueing!