Friday, December 15, 2006

Recap of the last 2 days

I haven't posted in a few days...we have been pretty busy here. Yesterday we took the kids to a local craft store to make a tree ornament. It is really cute. It is a snowman in half a plastic ball. The kids had a great time. While I was at the store I bought a pack of knitting looms. They are so much fun to use. I was able to make a hat yesterday for Pooky.

When we left the store, we went to my moms house to drop off some sewing the kids needed done for their presents. Then we came home. My older 2 kids stayed at grammas to hang out there before AWANA, and I came home with the 2 younger ones and a friend. We walked into the house and it just wreaked. The dog had pooped in his cage. This is NOT my job...So, I let the dog outside and chained him up, carried the cage to the driveway and brought the dog back in for a bath (he had poop all over his paws...YUCK!) Of course this all happens when the big kids are not here to help out...Anyhow, up we went for a bath, and he did not want to go, so I pretty much dragged him up the stairs. He got in the tub and I started washing him down. Then the toilet was flushed and the water turned hot and Snoopy freaked out and jumped out of the tub. I had now gotten a bath as well!! Oh well, he got clean, I got changed and we went on with our day.

Then today, I told Pooky to take off her pants and pull-up (she is totally toilet training herself!!) so we could change it. She sat down on the potty and pooped 2 little pieces. We clapped and gave her some candy, then I heard "EEWWWWW, Snoopy just ate her poop"!!! Oh my gosh, I told the kids to think of that when they let him kiss them. I don't care about those studies that say they have the cleanest mouths...he ate poop...YUCK!!

What a few days, this is what my life has boiled down to, I guess? I suppose I can live with it though...I did get Cutie Pies purse finished...Here are 2 pictures, one opened and one closed. I think it is really cute! Blogger is only letting me post one picture, so here is the closed one...


  1. ok dogs are gross....I am living that nightmare too! but now my dog is prego and due right around Christmas Day...ya loads of fun right??!!!

    the purse turned out great! you are doing so well!

  2. I had a similar experience with our dog Ty but I got it on my hands..ew...
    I took him out of his cage in the dark after his first night home with us and he pooped in his pen (they tend to do that their first time away I heard).
    So I picked him up to take him outside and it was everywhere, not to mention that it was like 6:30am! And it smells soo bad.

    My dog Bailey eats our cat litter..Gross...we have to watch him now when he goes downstairs.

  3. What would life be like without our pets?

  4. Cute purse-- how very fun!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  5. I like the purse, you did a great job!

    P.S. You've again reminded me why we don't have any pets! Thanks for keeping me in rememberance.

  6. Cute purse. BTW, I see T's falling - not snowflakes. hmmm...