Thursday, December 07, 2006

Homeschool Lesson for today

The kids are cleaning up the floor. We have a pile of kids coming over throughout the day today. My sisters kids are here for the day, then one of Cutie Pies friends after lunch, then 3 kids after school (these are the before school kids). So, clean we must, today.

While cleaning, this is overheard...

Mr. Hockey: Snoopy, get off of me, I am cleaning
Me: SNOOPY...STOP THAT (realizing we need to get him fixed...)
Snoopy: Wandering around looking for another object to jump on...choosing Cutie Pie...
Cutie Pie: Snooopy is wrestling with me!!
Cutie Pie: Why?
Me: I need to call a vet...
Princess: Why?
Me: When dogs get to a certain age, they like to (are you ready for this?) rub their privates on things... (well, what would you have said in a last minute, oh my gosh, scenario?)
Mr. Hockey: (laughing) Ew, why do they do that?
Me: Because they want to make babies
Princess: Yay, we're going to have puppies!!
Me: You need a female dog to do that!!
Princess: So we should find one...
Me: No
Princess: Mr. Hockey is not allowed to rub his parts on things...(insert giggles throughout this phrase!)
Me: Finish cleaning up the floor

Who says school only comes from a book?


  1. Oh my goodness! That is too funny!

  2. oh my funny! sounds like a conversation I had recently with my girls watching our dog MATE with my Uncle's ya that was fun!

  3. THis is why I don't have pets!! ;-) Not ready for that conversation, I'll live in lala land for a little while longer!