Thursday, December 07, 2006

Overheard on a tv show

The Wonderpets? I have no idea, never seen this show before. I guess they help animals who are in trouble?!

The pets are singing..."there is a puppy, he has to peepee" then the song goes on to talk about how everyone has to peepee! They are going to open the door, so the puppy doesn't pee on the floor! Oh wait, maybe they will put out newspaper for the dog to pee on...but he is a big dog and wants to go outside! At the end, after they show the dog the doggy door, he pees, they talk about the different words...tinkly, peepee etc...then they have celery, because celery is a good thing to have after you pee...

What?? Someone is getting paid to write this stuff? Interesting show on Treehouse!!


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