Sunday, January 14, 2007

A few thoughts today

We went and looked at a few houses today. One of them I was really excited to go see, because it was just minutes to hubbys work, and still a decent driving distance to church and family. It sounded, in the description that it could work as a 4 bedroom house. I still really liked it, but it was only a 3 bedroom house. The property was awesome, it had a massive yard, with a fire pit, a hot tub, a club house type building and it backs the local ball field and has a huge parking lot right next to it. There is a craport that could easily hold 2 cars and a long driveway, so it is not right on the road. If it were bigger inside, I may be sold on it, but we would have to put all the girls in the same room and they are growing, so they would soon grow out of it.

Now we are in the part of this adventure, looking at what we really want. Do we have that settle mentality, or do we trust God that what we want, and at exactly the time we need it will come up...boy, you should have been at church this morning...I get it!!

I think we should keep looking. As much as I liked the yard, I think they are asking too much for it, and want to keep an eye on it to see what it finally sells at.

On another note, I started an online weight/healthy lifestyle program. If you want to check it out, go to SparkPeople. It is so cool and I am very much an online person, so it suits me fine. I am on day 3 and feel great, though I am having to get used to eating so much. I really underate before. But this program works it all out for you, you fill in your meal plan online and they work out the calories, you tell them what exercise you did and for how long and they work out how many calories were burned. It is so easy. I also am joining in on a challenge, it is the biggest loser, winter edition, online!! I can't wait to see how that works out. If I keep it up I should be at my desired weight by December 8, 2007. Yay!!


  1. How fun to be house shopping. God will find the perfect place for you.

    I think that online thing sounds great. I need to look into that. Free is good!

  2. I know church was pretty right on - G is really changing!

    The yard looked great but to do all that change for the same sized house... it's a lot of money - I agree.

    God has the best house for you! My advice (this may be leader advice but apply it with the love I have for you as a friend - K, I've been on that topic too long on my blog!) We tend to look for houses based on our current economic situation. Is this God's plan or based in our own strength?

    More and more I hear stories of how God gave people houses. I have one from my friend that I saw on Thursday night to share with you but I'll tell it in person. He is a generous father that wants to see his children have the desires of their heart. Write down what you want - HAVE TO HAVE - in a house. Dream big girl! He's a big God!! Pray over it daily. Take care of what you have right now so He can trust you with more. Change your mindset that "such and such" price point is all you can afford. Live within your current means, being responsible with the now, good steward. Watch your heart and the feelings / fear of lack, "I'll never have _____" That goes along the "I'm not good enough" belief. I have lots more to say - you know me!!! Make notes from this morning and continue on the journey!!

  3. I should say, KEEP living in your means, 'cause I know you guys have a budget and you stick to it!

  4. Looking at houses can be so much fun! I know you will find the right one.

    I'll have to check out the on-line weight management stuff. I've finally decided that I need to take some weight off and I could use the help!