Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want!!

So, Shash encouraged me to write down what we want and need in a house.

Need - 4 decent sized bedrooms, enough room to have people over, garage, nice yard, something affordable:

Ok, let me take a break here and talk about affordability. I was and have been quite challenged today. It started at church, a friend there got up and spoke about what our responses are to different situations in our life, and encouraged us to get rid of the 'stinkin thinkin' (I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this...). Well, I guess that is what we have had. I have, anyways.

I have always thought that I will get whatever I can afford, and that is that. I haven't been one to think outside the box, but I am changing. I have always looked at houses, I love looking, but it has never seemed to be the right time to move. It is now, we are all in agreement on that. But, with this decision, I stopped looking at any houses over 160,000. I stopped dreaming, wishing, and thinking that there was no way we could ever have a house like that.

However, I did start to think about how we could get that house, that 350,000 house in the country, with a huge amount of property, that sold 2 months ago. I was thinking along the lines of buying a house now, that is going to become an investment. We will get something out of it in the end, in 5 years, when I am hoping that 'my house' is for sale again.

So, we looked into condos, duplexes, inlaw suites...etc...I am just not comfortable with the idea of having neighbours so close. We aren't the quietest people in the world, for those of you who didn't know that, or couldn't believe that!!

We started to look farther out of the city, farther from hubby's work. We wouldn't have much of a relationship though, we would be giving that part of our life up. Hubby would be gone up to 16 hours a day. Not fun. So, we decided that closer to town is better. We have always talked about "L Town", about 45 minutes away from where we live now, and 30 minutes to hubbys work.

I think, and I may be wrong, that it would be great investment for us to buy in this little town. I have researched it a great deal and they have all the amenities of big city living (just about) but it still has that small town feel. We only know one person who lived there (not sure if he still does) but this town is growing. There is alot of development going on here. It is being built up with new houses and subdivisions. I had the thought that it is going to become like the 'Barrie of Toronto', like a bedroom community. People will live in 'L Town' and travel to the city to work. In 5 years, when MY house is up for sale, then we will be able to sell the one we move to for more money and we will have a bigger down payment to be able to afford the one we want.

Maybe I am just dreaming...who knows...but there is a house that we have had our eyes on, in 'L Town' that is still for sale. It is priced in the 150,000's which means that we can continue our plan and budget the way that we have wanted to.

This takes us to our wants: We want to be able to travel, we want a hot tub or pool, we want to have a savings account (that we really keep money in), we want to not live week to week, we want to be able to give more to people and help people out when needed...

It sounds like a dream, but with a more affordable house, like the one we are watching in 'L Town', it would only up our mortgage around 100 a month, which is much more feasible and still allows us to live better (cause our debt (not a whole lot) will be paid (with income tax) and we are never going to have a credit card again...). We would cancel 2 of our memberships and kids programs would be to a minimal...that all equals out to more money for living...which is what we want.

Ok, I have gone on long enough...I am just rambling, but thinking it through at the same time...anyhow, there is my second post for today.


  1. It sounds like you're thinking of everything - life now and later. Writing it down is really helpful. Best of luck to you!

  2. The story of how we bought our first house is a miracle story and would take too long to tell it here, but I will share a little.

    God gave me several verses years ago before we bought our home, one of them was Luke 16:12, "And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own?"
    I realize you own your home, we didn't, we rented for 14 years.

    When I read this verse, I knew what God was telling me. We had a home, lived on a farm, but none of it belonged to us... but were we taking care of it as if it was? For the most part yes... but I could see room for improvement. We had grown out of our space, our home was an obstacle course at times but what I knew the Lord was telling me, was to take care of it, clean it up, keep it orderly even though it was too small. Stay on top of the chores, the dishes, laundry, vaccuming. Why would God give us a home of our own when we didn't take care of the one we had? So I stepped it up, kept things clean as much as I could.

    It wasn't long after doing this, that God gave us our home, the story behind it is amazing!!

    I believe this verse applies to every area of our life when we're look for promotion... from where we are to where we want to be. If I want a bigger house, a better job, a newer car... I need to take care of what I have. My van should be the best looking "rust bucket" on the street. Washed and shiny, vaccummed and smelling nice. If I take care of what I already have, God will bless me with better until I get where I want to be.

    There's some advice in there somewhere... hope that encourages you. God isn't trying to keep something from you, He's wanting to get it to you, but we'll have to do it His way.

  3. I think you need to keep that list in front of you and don't waver or settle for less. Don't be moved a house - be moved on what God has planned for you. Believe God has the right house for you and when the time is right - it will be yours - for the right price too.

    The banker in me says... don't forget to factor in the moving costs: hook-up fees (cable, telephone, internet, etc.), lawyers fees ($500-$750 to sell and $500-$750 to buy the new one), real estate fees (5% for selling), CMHC costs (depends on your deposit, you pay a % of the purchase cost if you don't put 25% or more down), land tranfer taxes (1-2% of the purchase amount), and title insurance ($300-$400) and not to mention the extra gas and mileage that will be added to the vehicle if you move out of town...

    There's a lot of information to gather when considering selling and buying and where to move to.

    I'm not trying to discourage you in the least but I have sold and bought 3 houses in the past 10 years and want you to be fully prepared and have a great knowledge in this area.

    I believe that God wants to bless His children with goodly houses.

    I have known people to walk up to houses NOT on the market and knock on the door - "God told me you're going to sell this house to me." When they looked at him strangly he then told them the price, which was below value. He did this a couple of times when the guy suddenly found himself in dire need to "unload" the house, Terry S was there to buy and exactly for the price that God told him it would cost. That's the God we serve!! I have other stories along this line from others we know, including Peter & Judy from TDC!

    This requires trust and patience and a belief that God is able to do above and beyond what we ask or even think, unwavering from it. Know that you know that you know!

    He is able!

  4. Buying the right house is a huge decision. We bought our house in one of the best neighbourhoods (location, location, location) but it was a "fixer." What a fantastic investment it turned out to be for us. We've refinanced over the years, and pulled money out at strategic times. God picked the house, we just went along for the ride. You are very wise to consider all the angles; having done that, turn the final decision over to Him. Blessings! e-Mom