Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh the weather outside is...mighty nice!!

Here is what the kids did today, this is a pic of my crew (minus Pooky and Cutie Pie) and Q, Shash's son, who slept over last night, and Cheryl's 2 older ones.

We knew that eventually Pete, working at Waste Management, would come in handy at home...all the recycling bins that we have now were used to build this. It is almost finished in this pic, they just finished off the wall.

We also went to the bank today, to talk about our mortgage. It really hit me that we are actually

moving. I have spent the last 3 or so years looking at houses on MLS, but that didn't mean we were moving. I go to all kinds of open houses, but that doesn't mean we are moving. We have been cleaning out the house and decluttering, but that also doesn't mean we are moving. Sitting in the bankers office, and telling him all the info that he needed to know, getting a credit check done, shaking his hand as we leave and having him walk us to the door, and even hold it open, meant we are getting ready to move.

My heart started to beat really fast with this realization and I felt like I wanted to cry. I don't know why...fear jumped into my thoughts, that we won't qualify for enough, we are not going to be able to move at all, we are going to fail at this venture...I don't know where it came from, it just jumped there.

Even now, as I type this, my heart is racing...It means a big change. We were just getting comfortable here. It means figuring out our budget again, it means getting things packed up, for real, it means having higher mortgage payments. The thoughts just keep getting in there saying that this may not be the right time, we are going to make some kind of mistake, we should stay where we are...and I am left here, worrying, and trying to stop that and finding scriptures to stand on...

Will finish this later, gotta run to the store to get some food for the week and for Sunday school tomorrow...Netherlands!!


  1. Moving is an enormous change and you are right to have some anxiety about it. But, it is also a wonderful time with new beginnings and new opportunities.

    Here's a scripture I turn to when I start to worry about a decision I've made:

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    II Timothy 1:7

  2. Remember you're not in this alone... we're a team!!!

    Referencing at it's finest...

  3. moving is a big deal and a lot of stress pops up, but moment to moment and day by day you get through it and when you are sitting in your new home you say wow I am SO glad we moved!! Just pray for His guidance (I know you already are) and trust that He is ordering your steps and fall into His arms, kind of what I am doing right now too!
    have a great Sunday!