Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saturdays - Some Help!!

Hey everyone,

Our family has decided that we are going to be spending some time together, nost Saturday nights, making homemade pizza and watching movies.

We were trying to decide who would pick the movies when and what kinds of movies were appropriate for the family to watch.

We decided, rather then having kids choose and then fight about why 'so-and-so' got to choose this time round, we are watching movies alphabetically. It is a lot of fun...

So, week one we watched A Series of Unfortunate Events, week two we watched Brother Bear, and now we have to come up with the rest...and I need your help!!

These are some of the choices we have right now:

A- A Series of Unfortunate Events
B- Brother Bear
C- Curse of the Black Pearl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cars
D- Dora, Dead Man's Chest, Daddy Daycare
F- Finding Nemo, Fat Albert
G- Gramma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
H- Happy Feet
I- Incredibles, Ice Age
J- James and the Giant Peach
K- Karate Kid?
L- Like Mike
M- March of the Penguins
N- Narnia
O- Open Season, Odyssey
P- The Pacifier
S- Star Wars, Santa Clause, Singing in the Rain
T- The Sound of Music
W- Wallace and Grommet
X- X-Men?


  1. Oh, my kids just suggested another one for 'P' Problem Child.

  2. Ever After ! My favourite all-time movie... it's a wonderful cinderella movie.

  3. I thought Dead Man's Chest was too dark for my kids ages.

    Go to www.imdb.com/chart/family

    They list the top 50 family movies.

    F - Field of Dreams

  4. How about "The Goonies!" I love that movie. Or...

    Over The Hedge
    The Barnyard
    The Wizard of Oz
    The Secret of Nimh

    I'll let you know if I think of more.

  5. I was going to say Ever After too, or Ella Enchanted, my kids LOVE those,
    Q-- um that is hard...
    P - princess diaries or the Princess bride
    Kangaroo Jack
    Sound of Music
    high school musical
    thats all this brain can think of right now!