Monday, February 19, 2007

Mom Idol

I was reading over at My Mommys Place blog that there is a Mom Idol Singing Contest coming up...

I think I am going to enter, just for fun, when I get my voice back (it has taken a vacation for now...).

I love to sing, mostly when I am by myself and at church (where it is so loud no one can hear me!). But even when I am in public I am singing in my head. I love to sing.

So, I have signed up at KSolo and I have been browsing the songs there, listening to other people singing songs and practicing following the words. At our New Years party, there was a karaoke machine and I did get up, with my girls, and sang My Girl ( I sang very quietly, at the end of the night when most people had left).

Anyhow, I need to buy a microphone to use with my computer so I can hear myself. Hubby has always told me I have a nice voice, but he has to live with me. You see all those people on American and Canadian Idol and the say that all kinds of people told them they were awesome singers, but you have totally cringed while listening to them, and the dog howled along with them? Yeah, so I think I want to hear myself first, it will be totally weird, I am sure.

But I love to sing...


  1. Yay! I hope you enter! I love to sing, too. I'm not great at it, but I sure do enjoy it. Good or bad, the contest is all in fun. It'll be a great time!

  2. wow you are so brave to enter! good for you! I love to sing too but in a group, not solo!!

  3. I so can't sing lol! So good on you!
    I was reading back thru your posts to the recipes. My mum used to make a great bacon and egg pie, that one sounds quite similar. Bubble and squeak is an English recipe, it was to use up leftovers from the main meal, usually after the Sunday roast. We used to have it a least once a week as kids, and the green vege was ALWAYS cabbage!

  4. hey how do I get music to play on my blog?