Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Some new books

Alright, you all know we have 3 girls, right? Well, I am at a point where I know we will need to start talking and preparing Princess (who is almost 9) for the changes that are coming into her life. We have already done quite a bit of talking, but I want her to have the self confidence that I did not have and I want her to feel comfortable talking to me and asking whatever questions she needs to ask.

So, as I was browsing Amazon...my favourite store...I found these 2 books. I was buying her a devotional book (I am hoping that this will help change her attitude) and for the free shipping you have to order 40.00 worth of books. So, I found these extras...published by Zonderkids.

The Beauty Book

The Body Book

I quickly glanced through the body book one and it is nice in the way that it is like a journal for girls to work out their worries, dislikes and it uses the phrase "God-confidence". I think it is going to be really good for Princess.

Anyhow, gonna run and get some breakfast. My scale is gone wacko so I am saying the I weigh the same as last week, but we are getting a new scale tonight, I will also have to figure out how to fix any differences...


  1. I'll have to check those out, we're on the hunt for a good but not too graphic book right now. My old neighbours in our old village had a great book, I'll have to call them. I'm not looking forward to "the talk" - or talks as it should really be, an on-going coversation with no shame attatched. I've been watching Dr. Phil too much!! or was that Oprah... ;-)