Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dutch Blitz

Well, the kids are just heading to bed now. We couldn't stop playing the game with dad, it was so much fun!!

I had to put this conversation with Cutie Pie on here...

Me: Cutie Pie, you are getting so big, isn't she daddy?
Daddy: Yeah, you really are growing up
Me: In March, at the homeschool conference I will be buying schoolbooks for you
Cutie Pie: REALLY? Like math and science?
Me: Yup, because you are getting so big
Cutie Pie: Because I am going to be 6, right?
Me: Yup, well, not right away (gotta watch this cause she has no sense of timing!!)
Cutie Pie: I have so many birthdays (this is what happens when you postpone a party for a few months!!)
Cutie Pie: My next birthday I am going to be 6 and then I am going to have another birthday, and another one, and another one, and another one and then I am going to be dead then I won't have any more birthdays, right?
Me: I guess so, but you will have more birthdays then that
Cutie Pie: (going onto the next subject without a breath) Oh, I still have to buy Princess' birthday present
Me: (not realizing she has switched from the dead subject) No, Cutie Pie, you don't buy presents for people when you are dead...(then I realized I sounded really dumb...)
Dad: What? I think I missed something...

Yeah, that was the kind of night we had, then Cutie Pie fell off the chair and fell on her tailbone...OUCH!! She couldn't breathe and was complaining about a sore tummy. We will have to keep an eye on her in the morning.

Have a good night everyone!


  1. I saw your hubby on the news last night!! I never watch the news but since I was bed-ridden...

    He's a star!