Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Brilliant Daughter

We headed out to Burlington yesterday, after watching Cutie Pie play soccer and get a medal...she was so thrilled, I think we will definately be signing her up for the summer season.

We got there a bit early and we spent the time in the van just practicing and quizzing Princess on her verses and definitions and references. She just rattles these verses off like you wouldn't believe. She was so nervous. There were only 4 people there from our AWANA church and Princess was the only one from Book 1.

They started with multiple choice questions and she got 7 out of 8 right. She was just ecstatic to get that many right. Then we had a break and came back for the speed round. She reallly wanted to push the buzzer, she had said. The first question was to quote a verse that talks about how many people are sinners and she buzzed in in time. She went up to the mic and said everyone...she didn't realize she had to say the whole scripture. She was so upset, she cried after they were done. She is my perfectionist, and doesn't like to be wrong...

Anyhow, they were doing the awards at the end, and remember, she was the only one from our church for book 1 and there were 6 teams altogether. She earned the 4th place award for the team category for book 1!!! All on her own!!! She was so excited to get the ribbon and will bebringing it to AWANA on Wednesday to encourage others to go next year. Out of the 4 kids that were there from our church, they won 2 fourth place ribbons and 1 second place ribbon. Not bad for 4 kids in 3 categories, huh??

On the way home we had some fun in the car with her. We rarely get out with less then 3 kids at a time, so it was pretty special, after we treated her to dinner, we headed home. We past a sign on the side of a road pointing out the cemetery. If you know someone in this one, I don't mean any respect, I just thought it was an interesting name for a final resting place...

'Gates of Heaven', I said that would be horrible...could you imagine saying to someone 'my grandmother is buried at the gates of heaven'...what? they wouldn't let her in??? I was just joking, but Princess got such a kick out of it!! She made sure to pass it on to her brother when we picked them up.

We came home and watched the new Veggietale movie, it was very cute, they are always fun. We also talked to Princess about a decision that her dad and I have now made. I have not shared it here, because some things gotta be kept private til the rest of the family knows about it, but, she is going to start school in September. She was so excited, she didn't stop smiling until she went to bed...she probably smiled in her sleep.

We have picked a private school that we would like her to go to, now we have to make an appointment and ask our questions and find out if it is the right fit for her. We keep leaning towards this one in particular because of the arts program they have there. Princess is so arts oriented and I think she would just thrive here. Now with Pete's job, we have this as an option, which is nice. So, things are falling into place for all of us around here, I am at a total peace that this is the right decision, for sure. Princess is worried that she won't like it, even though she is excited, it is a new situation for her. I told her she would have to go for the year at least, there was no other option available to her there. She is good with it, so I think I am going to talk to my neighbours who speak french fluently, if they will tutor her for an hour or so a week, just to bring her up to par with what kids are learning in grade 3 and 4 here in Ontario. I want her to be able to go in at the same level or higher then the other kids.

But, that is our big decision, that is a huge part of what has been going on in our lives these past couple of weeks. I hope everyone has a great week coming up, and has a great Sunday!!


  1. Wow, your Princess had one great weekend! Good for her. She sounds like a bright and motivated young lady. I'm sure she'll do great at school.

    And congratulations to Cutie Pie and her soccer medal!

  2. wow that is a big decision but if you have peace then it sounds like the right one!