Sunday, March 18, 2007

My kids really do pay attention...

Is that good or bad? Not sure, you tell me...

Dinner tonight:

Hotdogs are on the table and we have cheese slices, bread and other condiments out for the kids to help themselves. Princess has a friend over from church and Mr. Hockey is at his friends house.

Princess makes this great design with her cheese and hot dog and proceeds to say, are you ready for this?

Princess - The hot dog is commiting adultery with the cheese!!!!!!!!
Me - WHAT????? (yes, with that many question marks)
Princess - See, the cheese is broken in half by the hot dog

Now, let me explain. In Sunday school, the kids have just finished learning the 10 commandments. We used pnemonic pictures to help the memorize the order. The first one is a first place ribbon with God written in the middle of it, second is a number 2 shaped like a person bowing for do not bow down, 3 is a set of lips for do not lie, and on and on. I will have to find the link I got them from.

Do not commit adultery is a heart broken in half by the number 7. Therefore, the hot dog was commiting adultery with the cheese...don't you get it?

Anybody want me to talk to their kids about this stuff???


  1. That's funny! Your kids are so cute.

  2. ok giggling too hard here...too funny! at least you know they are listening!!