Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Facts of Life

As overheard in my house today...

Cutie Pie: Who gets the other chocolate milk?
Dad: Mom does (a man who knows how important chocolate is!!)
Mom: It's for the baby
Cutie Pie: Yeah, the baby
Dad: We are not doing this again Ruth...
Me: Grinning
Cutie Pie: The baby comes out of your tummy right?
Dad: No, only sometimes
Cutie Pie: Mom, doesn't it come out of your tummy?
Me: Nope, none of you guys came out of my tummy, you all grew in there though
Cutie Pie: Well, how do the babies get out?
Me: You remember when Pooky was born, don't you?
Cutie Pie: No
Me: Guess where the babies come out of
Cutie Pie: Hesitatingly pointing to the area below my belt...from there?
Me: Yup
Me: That's where you came from
Cutie Pie: I NEED A SHOWER!!!

Anyone else want me to talk to their kids???


  1. Oh, that's funny!

  2. That's memorable - you need to put that in her scrapbook!!


  3. ok now laughing out loud and choking......ahhhhh hahaha can't even type through the tears