Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen great things about my week

1. Pooky, my almost 2 year old, is almost fully toilet trained. She will take her diaper off when she has to go now, when she is done, she puts her diaper back on or her panties...however we need to work on wiping...

2. Princess turned 9 last week. This past Monday we went to Chuck E Cheese and had a blast. She brought one friend and we had coupons...which I love!! I really enjoyed watching all the kids play the games and climb on the slide and just have a great night.

3. A few new friends have started blogging and I am enjoying their posts. You should all go and check them out at Cheri, mon Cheri, and Pruim Adventures. They are definitely worth visiting!!

4. My hubby let me sleep the other night...this pregnancy has really taken a huge toll on me...I have been pregnant 5 times prior to this one, and I have never been so tired and absent minded. This has really taken me off guard. BUT...I have the worlds greatest hubby and after dinner on Tuesday he told me to lay down, so I did, and I didn't wake up until the morning. The kids had all worked together on cleaning the house and it was great to wake up to!

5. I have an Usborne show this coming Saturday. I am excited, because I have never done a 'real' show. I have done open houses at my house and my friends house, but never elsewhere. Her daughters school is trying to raise money for new playground equipment and we have a table at the bazaar. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes for me there.

6. Princess went to AWANA last night and did something that no other T&T girl has done. She said all 32 points and backup verses. She memorized them all and had to recite them for the extra credit work. Now she gets to help the other kids in her class with their work. I am so proud of her.

7. Mr. Hockey's ball hockey team is in first place. This is so exciting because the last 2 years his teams have been in last place. He is so happy and is really enjoying this year!! He loved to play the other years too, it is just a nice change of pace for him!!

8. We started a new homeschool curriculum, just for Geography. The kids are enjoying it and are not so bored, so that means that I am enjoying it too. We are first studying some of the canadian geography, then we get to do all kinds of fun activities, like relief maps and posters etc...I hope this changes things up a bit for us all...


10. Cutie Pie still makes us all laugh, all the time. She says the funniest things and I really need to start some kind of a book to keep track of each of the kids funny things...

11. I got a paid advertising box on my site now and I am so excited that I will make some extra money means that I can buy something on eBay that I have been interested in getting for hubby's birthday and he will never have to know about it!!

12. We are still out of our overdraft...our bank has not gone negative at all, which is absolutely huge for us, especially when we were actually living in the overdraft. It means that so far, we have saved being charged that extra $5 for using the overdraft. Dancing the happy dance over here!!

13. We got our weekend booked and we are ready to go. Now we just have to have some patience, but at least it is something to definitely look forward to. Now, Cuba is going to be a different story...we were planning on going in October, but that is when the baby is due, so forget that. How bad a mom would I be if we planned on going in February mom said she would definitely watch the baby that bad of me or no???

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  2. A night of rest and waking up to a clean house? That is my ultimate fantasy. Can I borrow your family? They sound awesome.

  3. Oh to be able to go to bed early or sleep in and wake up to a clean house. That would be a dream come true!

    Great TT!

  4. Ahhh... a clean house! What bliss. 8-))) Great list, and thanks for visiting my blog!

    Happy TT!

  5. Oh to be able to sleep through the night --- I'm so jealous and then to wake up to a clean house... that is the ultimate dream!!!

    Are we still taking a couple of your kids for that weekend, or 1 - since that's the number that will fit in our van for church...??

    Will you be done nursing by February?

  6. that is a great TT! so many great thing happening to you guys!
    and I would love for you to re-do my template for me thank you!!! I need to get Shash off my back! and after last night I am SO SICK of the will have to read on my blog why...
    email me at thela_1974 at hotmail dot com and I will send you my info for the template! whenever you have the time! I am not in as big of a rush as Shash is!!

  7. I find one of the legacies of being a mum is even when the kids are grown, I still wake at the slightest sound! Ah, a clean house, isn't that great when you don't have to do it yourself. I'm glad your weekend away is all booked :-)
    Anytime you want to come to NZ just let me know it would be great to see you! It may seem an impossible dream but who knows what God can bless us with aye!