Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trial and sickness...

Pooky has been so sick. It started yesterday morning. She could hold nothing down, she became so lethargic and pale and had lost all muscle control, it really freaked me out. There was no fever and the bottom half of the excitement didn't really start until later on. Anyhow, she finally stopped puking around 11pm. I stayed on the couch with her, so Pete could get some decent sleep. She woke up this morning and drank a whole cup of pedialyte. We are taking it easy today.

As for the trial part. Princess went to school today. She is trying it out and seeing what she thinks. They are going to pair her up with another grade 3 girl and will spend the day with her. Hopefully she enjoys it. She was up at 630 this morning and was raring to go. It was really cute to see her so excited. I can't wait til she gets home and we hear all about her day!!

Anyhow, gonna run and get a snack. I have been so hungry lately, but can't seem to make myself eat very much...oh well, such is my life!!