Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ok, I'm calm now...

First of all, I apologize for that post yesterday...I couldn't type anymore, because it wouldn't have made any sense, and I didn't want to spew all over my friends...

We had a great weekend. If anyone needs a good b&b recommendation, we definitely have the place for you!! Midland is also such a beautiful place, we were awed at the beauty there and kicked ourselves for forgetting the camera...

If I had a camera, there were 2 shots that I would have taken for sure and posted here, one being the red sunset over the harbour, with all the yachts lined up...and the second would have been of Georgian Bay. We took a wrong turn on the way home, and I am so happy that we did.

I have never seen anything more beautiful. There was a gorgeous sandy beach, with the water lapping at the shore. In the middle of the bay was one big line of ice, that hasn't melted. Then behind the ice was open water again, and then it ended with the big hills (no mountains here) that were capped in snow still. It was one of the most beautiful things we had ever seen.

The people who hosted the B&B were so hospitable and welcoming, we didn't feel out of place or anything. Breakfast was awesome, such a different array of meals. On Sunday, we had an Australian treat called mousetraps. It was just delicious, I am getting the recipe and going to try to make it here.

Now that I have mentioned the weekend, we got home and my allergies are so bad. I can't take anything for it right now, which sucks, cause it means that I just have to suffer. So, I have been dozing on and off all day yesterday. When I finally woke up and started getting supper ready, Mr. Hockey handed me the mail. There was a letter from our regional office.

Back up the story here a bit. On Wednesday, I noticed 2 people, dressed in city uniforms, walking around my property with a camera. They were taking pictures and were right in the backyard and everything. I didn't feel comfortable confronting them, so I just stayed inside. I saw one of my neighbours outside talking with them afterwards and wondered if she knew, but I couldn't just ask...I am really not nosy like that.

Anyhow, Friday was garbage day and we have slowly been going through the crap in our yard. You know, after the winter and the snow is gone, and you find all those wonderful treasures on the ground? Where our house is situated we also get a lot of the neighbourhood junk, up and on our property too. We have been working through it. First we started with the porch and got that cleaned and it has been good for about a month or so...my friends who have been here know it...the driveway was another story, but on that Thursday night we were going to work on the driveway and get the cardboard folded, the garbage in the pails, and the bigger junk out. And we did. Our driveway is clean...

So, yesterday we got this letter, it basically said that if we don't clean up our property, then our taxes are going to be raised and we have until May 4 to do it. I hate making excuses, but where we have just been, in our lives...hubby is working 13-14 hour days, I am homeschooling the kids and dealing with Pooky, I have just finished the first trimester of my pregnancy...in which I have barely been able to stay awake, let alone have the energy to do anything, the snow has just gone for good and we have been working through the place.

What I don't understand is why someone would complain about a utility trailer on our driveway...it is there as a help to give us somewhere to put all the large junk and big things that don't fit in the pail. Every week, we have been discarding a bit at a time, so not to overwhelm the garbage men...we have a new appreciation for them, but I now have to have that out of the way too...also, no one is in my backyard...why is it anyones business what it looks like? We can't even really see our neighbours yards, because of plants and fences and stuff...so why should that matter at all.

What I am most frustrated about is that no one approached us first, and asked us to do this first. I would think that in the place we live, most people would have had no problem doing that first, it is considerate and a nicer way to deal with it first. No one has ever complained about our place before, because they know that it always gets cleaned up...it never stays this way.

Anyhow, I was just so frustrated last night, I went out and did it all, it is done and hubby yelled at me for moving certain things, but what do I do? My blood was boiling and I was so angry at this happening, that I had to do something, so out in the rain I went and the trailer is going to be dumped on the lawn for garbage day this week, too bad for our garbage guys...it is either that or deal with getting it to the dump and paying for it to be gone...which I am not going to do.

We have big plans for our yard, I was wanting to re-sod the front and raise the garden in the front and back, to give it a more crisp look, to add to the curb appeal, if someone had just asked us what was up and why weren't we cleaning it, they would have known the plans that we had and that it was actually going to get done...

Oh, well, I really am ready to move, I have been for a while...


  1. Hey.... I know that you want to move as have I. Being in the same house for more then 28 years. I want something better. But what I have learned through living here is that you need to learn to take care of what you have first before God can BLESS us with more. If we had moved a few years ago I don't think we would be where we are right now on our spiritual walk nor reeped the blessing that come our way. I know that you are frusterated right now, and upset that people didn't talk to you, I would be too. Remember this though
    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)
    16 Rejoice always,
    17 Pray continually,
    18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

    We will be praying that you will find something to rejoice about during this time.

  2. we had this happen to us at our first home, we were renovating and until we could get the big dumpster bin at our house for the whopping $350 we put some of the appliances in the back yard close to the alley but still on our property, meanwhile the rest of our fence had fallen and yadda yadda yadda....I had also just had our 4th baby......anyways we got a complaint too and the officers showed up at our door and we had 48 hours to clean it up or we would get fined!!! some neighbors truly do suck!
    sorry you are going thru this right now!

  3. This happened to my Dad too - construction junk and taking too long to get to projects. The neighbours got fed up with staring into their yard. I'll have to ask him what happened in the end. I heard that there are lawn police... if you don't mow your lawn you can get fined.

  4. How frustrating! If your neighbors had a complaint, they really should have come and talked with you directly.

    I can understand that you wanted to get the clean up done - I would have felt the same way after that, but be careful! Take care of you and that baby.