Thursday, May 31, 2007

The midwife appt.

So, yesterday we headed out to the midwife appointment after lunch. I was meeting my second for the first time. She is really nice and was happy to meet me and was great with the 2 girls that came with me. I didn't want to overwhelm her with all the kids!

I did my usual pee test and weight check and was happy that I had only gained 1 pound!! I know it is coming later, but it is nice for now to not be gaining too quickly. I headed into her office and told her that I had to concerns this month.

I explained how I have been feeling, light headed, hard to breathe, rapid heartbeat...and said that I had changed my diet, hoping to remedy the problem, and it did. I felt better and I told her that I was now eating a diet full of beans and new motto!!

She suggested that I may be low iron and checked my blood work and sure enough it is low. Just not extreme, but it is something to be aware of and to take care of for sure. I then told her that I haven't felt a whole lot of movement, and it was odd, since I had always felt my babies by 15 or 16 weeks. I also said that I knew it was still early, and this pregnancy is very different from the others, so I am probably worried for nothing.

My blood pressure was good and I laid down to hear the heartbeat. She was bang on!! The first place she went to, there it was. It was so strong and I was relieved. Then the baby moved, and moved and moved. We could hardly hear the heartbeat over the movements. The midwife said that we have a very active child in here and that maybe my placenta was sitting in front and was cushioning the movement.

I can't wait for my ultrasound coming up. It is on June 11 and we are going to find out the gender, if possible. My hubby won't be there and we don't want to find out without him there, so I am going to ask the technician to put the answer in an envelope and we will wait to open it until we are all together...that will be interesting!!

All in all, I am very happy and feel much better now that I have heard the heartbeat and heard the movement. My baby is ok and I no longer am worried about a thing. Now, I am just going to continue with my healthy, new diet and still being active, but taking it easy. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated!


  1. Hey Ruth
    Eat lots and lots of raisins, it only took 24 hours for my iron to shoot up

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better and the baby is doing well! I hope you'll tell us the gender when you find out! I really looked forward to my ultrasounds with Julia. It's amazing to be able to peek.