Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Bleeping" spontaneous camping trips...

Ok, I will get to the interesting title in a minute...

Mr. Hockey was away this past week visiting his cousin in Ottawa, they were at a basketball camp all week. I knew he would have a great time and he did. He won a award - it was the Fruit of the Spirit award for displaying self-control.

We were planning on meeting my cousins about halfway on Sunday to pick him up and bring him home, but then realized that it is a really long trip, even halfway...so last minute, ditched our responsibilities (Which I never do and really tried to work it out first) and decided to camp instead.

Cutie Pie had her soccerfest on Saturday and she had to be there, they got their medals and her last 2 games, so we packed up in the morning and planned on leaving right after soccer.

So, we headed out around 2:30, on what should have been about a 5 hour trip, maximum...8 hours later we were hoping there was a site available for us. When deciding last minute to camp, we realizd that there were no site availabilities for us to book...I mean, who leaves booking a site to the night before? Really?

Thank goodness there were sites to choose from and we just let the guy in the office tell us which one was best for us. We headed over there and started setting up the tent and I kpet telling hubby what a great tent we had...and aren't we happy we bought it last year...the old one was canvas with big metal poles that took forever to figure out...each year...it was so frustrating, but we had this tent up in about 10 minutes, we drove to the comfort station to use the bathroom and headed back to bed.

We had a great breakfast the next day and then headed to the beach. It was a funny kinda day...sunny and cloudy all at once, bu it was nicer then sitting in the van...we went up for lunch and then my cousins arrived with Mr. Hockey. We spent the afternoon at the beach with them and they headed home. We had a nice supper and the kids got the campfire ready.

We always let everyone pick a song to sing and we all sing that song. So, we sang Fires Burning,
The Princess Pat, Old Hirams Goat, Jesus Loves Me, and hubby's choice...Down By The Bay...

Now for the title above...whenever we sing down by the bay, we let everyone pick a funny rhyme to sing at the right part...so we have bears in womens underwear, moose drinking juice etc...I always pick the kids names and find a funny rhyme to go with them.

Cutie Pie, finally getting the idea of the song this year sings on her turn...'and if I do, my mother would say...did you ever see a duck (then there was a long pause as she thought of something) with a f**k'

The 2 older kids gasped in shock and looked at us...what do I say? This is a first for us!! So I jsut calmly tell her that was not a nice word and please don't say it again...

We got home last night (only 5 hours with a nice stop at a restaurant) and before we set up the movie to watch, she asks me again...'mom, why is f**k a bad word?' Yeah, now she knows the ultimate...she knows something she knows she is not supposed to know...does that make sense? I just said again, calmly...some people made it a bad word and she is not supposed to say it again...EVER...I hope she gets the idea...

And if any of our friends kids come up with the word in their vocabulary...I apologize in advance...


  1. I would have turned a few shades of purple, red and blue. we haven't had that word come up yet. If you want to explain it from its origin... it was used by the police force in the 20's I think. It was an acronym (can't spell) for the sexual deviant files... it was then taken and made dirty. I do not want to go down this road...

  2. Hey! I've been wondering about you! It's been a while since you posted.

    Sounds like quite a trip.

    Julia has yet to pick up on the f-bomb. Thank Goodness! Once she knew "dammit" was a bad word, I can't get her to stop saying. She's a rebel.

  3. Oh my. I think we've been there more than once. It's bound to happen. I guess as long as we don't make a big deal about it it may blow over. I think you handled it well.

  4. I remember listening to Pete put up the old tent a couple of years ago at church camping. I have to admit...we were snickering a bit and I mentioned to hubby that maybe he should go help.