Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Memory...(how to eat an apple pie 101, since the title field is not working...)

We were having a BBQ here the other night with some friends. I really enjoy this time of year, eating outside, cooking on the BBQ (which means hubby does most of the cooking), watching the kids play in the water outside.

We had basically grabbed a bunch of meat from the freezer, chicken and ribs, sausage and pork loin, we chopped up some potatoes and wrapped them in foil, with some carrots, and made a salad. For desert we had fresh apple pie.

Apple pie is my favourite pie in the world!! I would rather not eat any at all if it is not apple...
Apple pie reminds me of my grandpa. We had a great relationship and I always looked forward to our visits together. Every time we saw him he would whisper in my ear that I was his favourite granddaughter. He just had a way of making me feel special. (and now that I am an adult, I figure he said it to all his grandkids...)

Everytime we had apple pie, whether he was there or not, there was a phrase that was said again and again. My mom would say it, or my grandpa would say it...

"Apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze."

So, when we realized we were having apple pie on Friday, I made sure to let hubby know to go and grab the sliced cheese from the store. He didn't even ask why! When we eat it...I make sure to say the phrase and tell the kids who it was from...

On a side note, everyone laughed at how I ate my pie. I guess I do have some OCD in my blood somewhere...

My slice of cheese has to be folded in half, then in half again. Then each of the halves gets folded into a triangle. With each forkful of pie, a triangular slice of cheese gets put on top of the pie... that way, every, single bite has the perfect amount of cheese with it...

There you have to eat apple pie...101!!


  1. YOU ARE SO FUNNY for real

  2. What a sweet tradition! I've never heard of having cheese with apple pie.

    Your grandfather sounds like a delightful man.

  3. Funny? How about wierd or...nah...I would put what I typed in msn. ;-)

  4. Cheese and apple pie? No I never heard of that either! I must try it sometime! My mum's special for the grandkids was marmalade pie!

  5. in 33 years I still have yet to try that!