Monday, August 27, 2007

To Blog or Not To Blog...

That IS the question...

The only thing I feel like blogging about right now is the whole house situation...

You see, I don't want to start talking (blogging) excessively, about the new house...cause the offer is conditional. So far we have met our financing condition, we have the electrical inspection tomorrow, so that one will be met...but we have to sell our house.

So, on one hand, I am getting excited, but I also don't want the disappointment of telling people and then having to say that it didn't work out.

Oh well, we are believing that this is our has just all fallen together so perfectly.

You see, on Saturday I saw the listing. We went to the open house on Sunday, we walked through again on Monday, we put a conditional offer in on Wednesday and it was accepted (at much lower then the asking price). We spent the last 4 days clearing out the house...boxing everything up and storing it in the garage and it was ready to list and show as of last night.

Before it even hit any agents, or was totally hammered out, we had someone walk through already.

This is just moving so fast. I really am excited. The house just feels like it is ours already. We are hashing out who will get what room and where the baby is going to be born. What colours are we going to paint, when can we get a fence on earth do you take care of a pool...

This is where my mind is and where it has been for the last little while, so that is why I will be scarce around blogland. I need to be ready to walk out of the house at any given moment for people to walk through...

Plus, we have to have the kids ready for school next week too!! Talk about crazy people...that is us for sure!


  1. ...and what room the computer is going to go in...

  2. You have a lot going on! School, baby, house stuff. I hope it all works out. Things sound good so far!

  3. Oh how exciting! A new house! Congratulations!

  4. Yep, our offer is conditional too-Andrew and I searched the papers on the house at the local council and discovered that the flat doesn't have a permit to have a kitchen! So I have to look into that. The builder inspected it today and all looks mostly OK although there are a couple of things we need to get the current owners to fix. We are meant to go unconditional on Friday but in view of those things we will probably seek an extension.