Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where oh where...have I gone too???

When I find me, I will let you all know!!

No, really. Life has been a bit crazy around here. This past weekend, I headed to Toronto to visit some old friends (through Facebook). My old youth pastor is moving onto another church and another position and they had a send off type service for him.

It was great to see everyone again. Now, I was not the model church youth...I hung out with the 'other' crowd and spent most of my time elsewhere then the actual building...When I first got in touch with him, I had sent an email apologizing for how I had behaved during my time there. Now that I am a parent...I understand a bit more about kids and their behaviour and how it can affect others...

Anyhow, that was a fun Sunday, I am happy that we took the time to do that. A neat trip down memory lane;-) And I think I turned out relatively ok...

The day before, on Saturday, I had woken up and was looking through the MLS listings for our area. I just wanted to check what the price was of a house that was for sale, that had a pool...I was just curious to know the price. That one, in particular was way too much money for us...270,000, so I was just going to go off the site and back onto Facebook!!

Then I saw it, an affordable price, enough bedrooms and other rooms, an inground pool, in our general area (where we would like to stay) and it was staring at me in the face...I was getting excited and sent an email off to the agent to find out when there was going to be an open house and found out there was one planned for Sunday.

We rushed home after the service in Toronto and hit the open house. From the moment we walked in, we loved it. It is open concept style. You walk into a little hall (big enough for maybe 2 people) and then to the right is the open kitchen (big enough for our table and chairs) and to the left is the living room, with a window to the porch. On the back wall of the living room is the enclosed dining room, which we would turn into a bedroom. If you walk straight past the kitchen and living room, you are in the main hallway and to the right is the bathroom, which is tastefully decorated...50's style, the clawfoot tub and everything! There is a cupboard outside the bathroom for storage. Keep going past the bathroom and you are in the back hall. There are sliders leading to the deck and down the deck is the pool and enough yard, that we could fence in front of the pool and the little kids would be safe. There is a garden around the side of the house as well...

The upstairs has 3 large sized bedrooms...bigger then the ones we have here. All the bedrooms are attached in some way, whether it is a crawlspace type door or a regular door. There is an attic that has the pull down, where the ladder comes out...the rooms don't have traditional cupboards, but little walk in spaces, that would make due...very unique!

The basement is one long rec room. It is finished and there is a huge storage area with a cold cellar and a laundry area, behind a closet at the end of the rec room. The is also a nice bathroom with a new shower and everything.

I love the house!! Across the street from the house is a playground and tennis courts, a small ball field. It is also a nice, quiet street off of all the main roads.

We spent the day at the banks yesterday hashing out financing...now we just have to wait. If the bank won't qualify us, a broker has already told us that she probably wouldn't have a problem financing, if we had 20% down...so now, we are flying through our house and getting rid of so much more crap!! I am so happy that we have been slowly going through already, cause it is not too huge of a job. But, we may be able to have our house on the market by Saturday.

Pete keeps telling me to stay grounded...don't get my hopes up, cause he doesn't want to deal with emotional Ruth! But, this just feels right. Moreso then anything else we have ever looked into...I will keep you updated, but that is why I am not here much!!


  1. sounds exciting...keep us posted.

  2. Wow, the house sounds great. I hope it works out! I can't wait to hear.

  3. I sooo hope it works out for you!
    The house prices in your area are cheaper than they are here in NZ, I had to pay more for the house that suited us.... I could never have been able to do it without God blessing me. So I'll pray that you get that house :-))