Friday, September 07, 2007

The selling of a house...

I really am understanding why, when we move again, we are going to live there until we die. I am being 100% serious!!

I am constantly perplexed by the idea that we are putting so much effort and money into this house, just to move the new house we will be doing fresh paint there, it really never does end.

We have had almost 20 walk-throughs since having it up on the market 1 and a half weeks ago. Those 20 people, did not come through all at once, which means that the only night we have been 'allowed' to stay home was the holiday Monday.

There are still so many little things that need doing, but when you are not home, it is hard to get them done.

We are preparing for an open house on Sunday and want this to be the last weekend for all this unrest...we want an acceptable offer and quick!! So, we have looked around and are figuring out all the little things that need to be done. Our list looks like this:

*Paint porch (which we did at almost midnight last night, realized the colour was not close enough to being the same, so I finished the railing today.)
*Lay the runner on the outside stairs
*Paint basement hall (it was not in our painting time I will read it a little closer - I did this last night too)
*Change all the lights to 100watts...brighter is better
*Change the shower curtain liner...our really needed to go...
*Buy 2 more glass door knobs for the other 2 doors we missed
*Find the circle light fixture attachment for our 2 dimmer lights...
*Clean the basement stairs more more gum allowed in our house anymore!
*Scrape and paint the whatchamacallit thing that hangs over our side is just a decorative thing
*Scrape and paint the side door and frame
*Clean and sweep out the backyard and driveway
*Magic Eraser the marker that I noticed in the more markers or writing utensils in reach of my children
*Get the last 2 boxes out in the garage, and off my living room floor
*Paint the hallway stairs and lay the runner

That is all I can remember right now...I know for a fact that there is way more to do...

Now, remember, this is all on top of my kids starting school for the first time ever, making that adjustment, leaving the house each night for walk-throughs...and yet, we still have to have all this done by Sunday afternoon...

Did I mention that I have just about 5 weeks left of this pregnancy????? and I am measuring 3 weeks early, and I have to start taking extra vitamin c and e so my water doesn't break early?????



  1. Oh Ruth! You are so busy. I hope it all pays off in a great offer for the house. Be sure to take some time to rest, too. You deserve it!

  2. Sounds like you found the perfect house to buy with everything done! Wow... and then when it's sold you start with the packing. I hope you get your feet up at some point. Wish you all the best and that you get an awesome great offer... you know, more than acceptable.

  3. What were you thinking?
    You were thinking of the pool.
    We've never sold a house I've never had to experience any of this.

  4. keep it up and you WILL have this baby early!!!! I'm crossing my fingers and toes for the open house - tomorrow right?!

  5. I very much sympathise with you - here's hoping you've an offer on the table soon.